Who’s Behind The Blog?


Welcome to our  little corner of the internet…My name is Emma and I am the owner of this blog! I live down in beautiful Cornwall UK with my family. We are welly wearing, adventure taking, spontaneous parents who love nothing more than to get out in the great out doors and explore our stunning surroundings.



This blog all started when I was on maternity leave with my daughter Leah, whilst taking on various qualifications I found myself bored… (yes, I know parenting is a full time job) but I needed something more to feel like I was doing something useful with my time. That’s when ‘Emma Blogs’ came about. original right, note to self in hindsight, rubbish blog name.. however it is what it is now! I have been Vegan for a few years now and on this blog I share all things vegan and cruelty free. I found it hard when starting out to know what I could and could not eat, what I could and couldn’t wear… Veganism as a whole can be daunting, and I hope to help anyone I can make a swifter journey along the way 🙂 This is essentially a diary of my life for all to see…



I am married to my incredible Husband Shaun, and we have three little people in our lives. Tyler is 9, the shy one, the laid back one, the thinker. The puzzle solving one, the little smarty pants one, the answer for everything one.. quite literally. I like to think he has a great mind and will be a great leader one day. Little Leah is 5 and much more boisterous than her brother, the adventurer, the jumping in puddles one, the noisy one, the messy hair and draws on walls one, the screaming one, the tantrum one… but the very loving one. She wants to be a ‘Bunny Mummy’ one day… yes… she is that typical ‘everything must be pink and glittery’ one….thirdly is our latest addition Baby Joey, we will see what kind of little one he turns out to be! We also have a crazy little pup named Blue. It’s safe to say we have a mad house at the moment!


We travel all around Cornwall and distant places walking and exploring… our favourite places are beaches and mine places… they are the best for adventuring and finding new things. Our most used item of clothing is our welly boots… they are a must have.. you’ll understand why if you have ever come to Cornwall 😉 Generally our weekends our spent searching for places new and old to explore and wear ourselves out…. the weekend is for playing of course. Shaun (Daddy) works full time in construction, the two little ones are in school and nursery by week and  I myself work full time in a hospital and am studying too… So yes, I am a full time working, part time studying (MBA) MUM… who also has a hobby (Musician)… I must be mad.. and sometimes I do think to myself, what am I doing? Burning the candle at both ends? This blog though, is stress free.. documentation of things that I am passionate about and want to share with the world.. and it is actually therapeutic to put things down that are in your mind and leave them (Dumbledore style you know?).


On this blog you will find motherhood rambles, blogs about food, beauty, fashion and more… anything and everything really, a jack of all blogs if you will? Be sure to check out my Instagram and Pinterest pages too which are updated (pretty much) daily… where possible!

I love to hear from my readers and if you have any questions or content you would love to see do feel free to email me over on Emmas-life@outlook.com and I will get back to you as swiftly as I can! Please be patient with me as you know I have a rather hectic life and therefore I reply to emails all hours of night and day… lunch breaks, bus to work and when the kids are asleep mostly!! I hope you enjoy my rambles and feel free to let me know what you would like to see next!



Much Love