Our Current Favourite Cloth Nappy Brands

Our Current Favourite Cloth Nappy Brands

Hi everyone,  it’s been a minute hasn’t it! I am relaunching the blog today with a new post all about cloth/reusable nappies.

I have been a tad quiet here lately and thats mainly because life took over, if you follow me over on Instagram you may have seen why. I have been working, amid this corona virus more hours, I am heavily pregnant, we bought a beautiful dalamatian puppy, bought and moved into our first home, and I’m still studying for my MBA (on top of being a mummy of two already of course!) It’s safe to say life has been somewhat hectic in our home. But enough of that… I am writing now because I am finally on maternity leave and would love to start back up doing something I enjoy massively which is this little corner of the internet. I love sharing the things I love, so lets start with just that. Cloth Nappies!

I write to you now at 38 weeks pregnant with baby three. Baby will be exclusively cloth diapered so i wanted to share with you some of our go to cloth nappies. We used these on our previous child with great success so we are excited to try these with the new little one soon. Obviously different nappies will work for different babies, and therefore my favourites may well change in time as baby grows. The nappies below are the majority of our stash and awaiting their next bum to love!



Bumgenius have a great array of nappies available in many different types. They have the all in one style (Freetime), a pocket nappy and a nappy wrap and inserts system. We personally love most the Freetime style. This is as I said an all in one nappy, which means no faffing about, no fiddly inserts, super quick and simple to use. They have a waterproof outer, and two tongues attached as inserts. They can also be boosted with other inserts as needed. They fit from birth to potty with the handy popper down system to the front of the nappy and they come in the best array of colours and prints.

We/our family find these the easiest to navigate, especially for nursery and family members who perhaps aren’t as keen or knowledgable of how to put them on properly.

As these are all in one, they do take slightly longer to dry as opposed to pockets where you can dry the inserts separately. We have an array of colours prints in the Freetime style waiting to be loved 🙂


Close Parent Pop-In’s

Our second favourite were the Close Parent Pop-In nappies, These unlike the above are all in two nappies. They are essentially a nappy wrap, with a pop-in booster system. Each nappy has one wrap, and one pop in soaker set (made up of two inserts). These can be popped out when wet without necessarily having to change the whole wrap. You can order additional insert soaker sets and have less wraps because of this. Again they are birth to potty sizes with button down to the front and come in a lovely selection of colours and prints. They can be easily boosted with extra inserts including night time inserts and the wraps can also used be other other nappy brands. Although I am lazy and find all in one nappy’s the simplest, these simply need just a few poppers doing up and you are good to go. An advantage of these is the drying time is faster as obviously the wraps take next to no time to dry and the inserts can be separated for drying. They also have double gusset which is fab for poo explosions!




Applecheeks are one of few pocket nappies we have enjoyed using. I have always found stuffing pockets a pain in the bottom and time consuming however as the fold on the apple cheeks in central it makes for stuffing a lot easier. Often I just lay the inserts on top too instead! The apple cheeks pockets come in multiple sizes and colours and cater great for bigger babies/toddlers too. We have these in both size 1 and 2. These again dry super quickly, fit snug and look beautiful.



Night Nappy Combo-

For overnights we use the foolproof method of Tots Bots Bamboozles with Blueberry Capri Wraps. I have always found a two part system to be the best for overnight. You need a nappy that is absorbent, bamboo or hemp is best in my opinion. The TotsBots Bamboozle is Bamboo, it has one insert attached also, I have found these togo12 hours overnight with no issues on my daughter. This nappies however need a wrap, I have found the best wrap for us is the Blueberry Capri or Coverall. This is essentially a waterproof layer for over the top of the nappy. These can be used over any nappy, or boosted alone with a Terry or inserts like a pocket nappy. I particularly love the prints of the Blueberry nappy wraps, and the fact that they are double gusset and catch absolutely everything!

What are your favourite cloth nappy brands, do you have any recommendations for ones to try with baby three?


Much Love



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