Green People Coconut Charcoal Purifying Face Mask

Green People Coconut Charcoal Purifying Face Mask

Green People are a brand I use on the regular for many reasons, they are cruelty free, have a huge range of vegan beauty products which are kind to all skin types and they are ethically minded. I’ve tried lots of their products including their children’s products and suncreams.

They kindly sent me a pot of their new Coconut Charcoal Purifying Face Mask to try out so I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts.

This face mask claims to be pore-purifying and detoxifying whilst balancing combination or oily skin. It is said to be deep cleaning and brightening.

I have really enjoyed trying out this mask over the last few weeks! Currently at around 6 months pregnant and still living my hectic daily life with the children, work, blog, hobbies, schooling, it’s all a bit mad up in here and it’s easy to forget to take that ‘me’ time. This little pot of joy has given me just that! It smell’s divine and is easy to apply. It’s soft, silky and smooth in texture, and is of course black due to the activated charcoal, turning a dark grey when dry. I tried to scare the kids when I put this on, but they just laughed and said I looked like batman (#mumfail).

I noticed right away that my skin felt clean, smooth and surprising hydrated. I suffer with oily skin for the most part with large pores and breakouts, a lot! Since coming off hormones to have the little one, my skin has somewhat improved, but the damaged pores over the years are still very evident. I find a lot of face masks to be quite drying however this one left a smooth healthy glow, without the need for copious amounts of moisturiser afterwards.

It is full of amazing healthy ingredients such as Activated Charcoal (pore reducing), Alpine Willow (balances oils and improves texture), Bentonine Clay (clears toxins) and Oat Lipid (for structural support).

Another thing I love about this face mask is that it is ethically and sustainably produced using by product such as coconut shells and it has 87% certified organic ingredients, along with being in a glass packaging which is reusable and recyclable (that’s without mentioning it’s of course vegan friendly and cruelty free too)!

I’ve noticed a real lift in my skin using this product so I am going to continue to use it for the remainder of my pregnancy and afterwards (don’t want to lose that glow!)

Have you tried any Green People products? If so what would you recommend?

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