My Maternity Wardrobe and Ethical Maternity Brands

My Maternity Wardrobe and Ethical Maternity Brands

If you follow the Marsden Clan over on Insta you will already know that myself and Shaun are expecting our third baby! We are so excited! When writing this I am currently 21 weeks gestation and starting to have a proper pronounced bump, lots of movements and kicks. Pregnancy is an exciting and scary time but well worth it when you have this little bundle of joy in your hands. Baby #3 will be with us hopefully in mid-June! Be sure to follow me over on Instagram for regular updates!

As you know I try my best to be as eco-friendly and ethical as I can in everyday life and fashion is no different. After finding out about our little baby due in June I made it my mission to not over buy baby items and maternity items. Here’s some handy tips on how I sourced my own maternity wardrobe this time around and some of my favourite ethical maternity brands!


  1. Use what you have

My first tip would be to use the clothing you already have for as long as you can. As soon as I started to out grow my jeans and trousers (I do have a little extender belt from a previous pregnancy I have used too!) I would simply swap into leggings and dresses. Most of my dresses are floaty but even the skin tight ones are nice and stretchy. You can get away with leggings and dresses for the most part of your pregnancy dependant on the length of the dress. Floaty/wrap tops also work well as they tend to be tied at the waist and can be tied above bump as it grows.


  1. Carboots

Check out your local carboot and jumble sales. You can pick up some amazing bargains in these places, a lot of people over buy maternity and newborn items and they simple don’t get used or only get light use and you can really grab a bargain.


  1. Ebay/Marketplace

Along the same vein as the above, the maternity items I have bought (some jeans and dresses) I have bought second hand on eBay. You can pick up sized bundles or individual items for as little as 99p an item! Marketplace on Facebook, Gumtree and Preloved are also great secondhand online stores to check out.


  1. Buy sustainably

If you have nothing suitable in your current wardrobe and cannot find good secondhand alternatives when buying new it is always important to consider buying from ethical brands. This way you can ensure the items you have ordered are sustainable, ethical and good quality! Here a little preview of some of my favourite maternity brands;

Bamboo Mama


Boob Design




JoJo Maman Bebe




Tiffany Rose

Hope you enjoyed this little post about my favourite maternity brands, what’s your favourite brand? Do you have any top tips on shopping sustainably?

Much Love



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