Children’s Vegan/Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

Children’s Vegan/Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again where we are thinking ahead for the Christmas Season. You may be vegan yourself or looking for the perfect gift for your eco-friendly or vegan friend/family member. Well I got you covered with a range of vegan friendly gift guides coming up this week! From food, to beauty to household gifts, you got this!

I always find it interesting when people say I am ‘hard’ to buy for, just because I am vegan. However there are so many amazing brands out there in the modern day that are solely vegan or have great vegan options, so I am going to share some of my current favorites with you today!

For the fourth post of the week in this gift guide series I am going to share with you some Children’s gift ideas I would recommend gifting this Christmas.

Firstly, lets start with a toy idea. Something I am a big fan of are sensory baskets. Not only are these sustainable and plastic free, they are also so much fun and full of hours of exploration for little hands.  Holly & Joe have the most amazing Christmas themed sensory baskets available with lots of Christmas inspired goodies inside. They also have some intense smelling scent bags. My sister has since nabbed these to take to school with her (she is a special need teacher) as they are that awesome and similar to school based resources available.


The Christmas basket includes; (Mushroom Nutcracker, Raffia Fruit, Dolly Pegs, Honey Spoon, Lotus Flower Head Large, Lotus Flower Head Medium, Orange Slice, Whole Orange Slitted, Whole Green Orange Slitted, Sticks of Cinnamon,  Small Wooden Spoon, Pine Cone (Medium), Pine Cone (Large), Burn Mango Wood Tree Decoration, Red/Green Raffia Basket)


A big fun part of our day in the Marsden house is bath time. So why not some fun vegan friendly bath products for the littles? Odylique as mentioned in my previous beauty gift guide have a whole host of amazing vegan and cruelty free skincare and bath time products for the little ones.


Another brand we love at bath time is Good Bubble, they have a range of fun products for kids including bubble baths and body wash, shampoo and conditioner as well as super fun flannel mitts! They also do gift sets perfect for Christmas. Our current favourtie is the Gruffalo set below. It comes with some delicious smelling prickly pear bath products and the cutest Gruffalo teddy!


Finally my go to is clothing, maybe boring for them but super practical and can be a real winner if you grab the right designs! Below is a little list of some of my favourite Eco/Ethical vegan friendly children’s clothing brands worth a look at this Christmas!

I hope you found a few ideas here of fabulous gifts this Christmas, Let me know which is your favorite?

Much Love



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