Vegan Foodie Gift Guide

Vegan Foodie Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again where we are thinking ahead for the Christmas Season. You may be vegan yourself or looking for the perfect gift for your eco-friendly or vegan friend/family member. Well I got you covered with a range of vegan friendly gift guides coming up this week! From food, to beauty to household gifts, you got this!

I always find it interesting when people say I am ‘hard’ to buy for, just because I am vegan. However there are so many amazing brands out there in the modern day that are solely vegan or have great vegan options, so I am going to share some of my current favorites with you today!

For the second post of the week in this gift guide series I am going to share with you some food/drinks I would recommend gifting this christmas. Firstly lets start with chocolate, come on… Christmas is all about the naughty treats!


The first chocolate brands i have been loving this year is Pacari.. as you know I love me some Pacari. I particularly love that they are delicious alone, but also in baking, cooking and especially in Raw Vegan Desserts. Search my page for lots of delicious Pacari based recipes! They have a range of delicious individual gift sets, hot chocolates and individual bars which make perfect gifts.


Secondly, I would recommend Chocally. I was kindly gifted one of their advent calendars this year, if you aren’t reading this too late in the day then my oh my, GET ONE! The advent has 24 delicious chocolates, and it’s a surprise every time. Rather than a door to open, each look the same, with a surprise truffle flavor inside… seriously, they are so good! I also absolutely love their vegan fruit creams gift set too, an array of delicious flavours like Dark Raspberry and Dark Passionfruit… now if you haven’t tried a passionfruit cream you really are missing out!


Another brand I have been dabbling with this month in raw vegan recipes is Ombar (recipe coming out soon!). They again have a lovely array of delicious chocolate bars, all vegan friendly and in a wonderful range of flavours!


Chocolate not really your thing? How about some sweets! Jealous sweets have a great range of vegan friendly sweets, I love their Tangy Worms and Love Bears. Vegan sweets can be hard to find due to excessive use of gelatin…come on guys? We don’t need to be eating pink collagen do we … (BARF). These are a fab, veggie friendly alternative with 100% equal taste/texture to your traditional gummy! Get a sneaky discount with MARSDEN10 at checkout.


Love Vegan By Jennifer do a great range of snack bars. Another great gift idea, practical foods for vegans on the go. They come in an amazing range of flavours! Truly something for everyone!


Another fab brand making vegan energy/snack bars is Pulsin. They currently have Shaun the Sheep themed bars available for little ones too! Check them out! They also have adult bars (although Leah always steals these too!) and a range of protein powders avaliable.


Aduna also do some delicious natural vegan snack bars. I can never resist a good energy bar? Can you? But they also have a great range of whole food powders such as Baobab which I will be making a recipe including soon! And Cacao of course which I put in most things! They also have a range of tea bags perfect for the Christmas season.


Perhaps a range of products/hamper would be more up your street. Subscription boxes are always a winner in my eyes. One of my current favourties is The Goodness Project. They specialize in vegan friendly cruelty free boxes for all. You can buy them individually too making them fabulous presents! They include a range of vegan friendly foods, chocolates, drinks and beauty products. The thing I love most is how they introduce you to many vegan brands you may yet have heard of!


Have a more savoury toothed friend? Lets talk…cheese! Cheese on Pizza was one of my initial ‘misses’ when I became vegan, I surprisingly didn’t miss much but cheeseless Pizza was always a bit of a bore. As I stated in my previous gift guide, practical gifts I generally think are the best kid of gifts, gifting food, or products that will actually get used are a winner in my book.

One brand of vegan friendly cheese I’ve been trying out is Bute Island Foods ‘Sheese’ range. They have a massive range of cheese from soft cheese, to hard cheese, plain cheese to flavoured cheese! Even cranberry cheese for Christmas! I am going to be trying out a Christmas recipe with Bute Island’s Sheese’s in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that one!


Have a friend who may be looking to be more vegan friendly, or a vegan friend who misses cheese? Why not gift them a cheese making kit? It’s great fun and very rewarding to make your own cheese, and boy are they delicious. The Big Cheese Making Kit have an array of cheese making kits but also have a great vegan friendly one available which I think is a fab cheese lovers’ gift! It includes enough gear to make 20 batches of vegan cheese, from Mozzarella to Ricotta, from Feta to Parmesan!


Drinking more your thing? I am not much of a drinker myself however a lot of alcohol is surprisingly vegan, a great resource to see easily if a drink gift is vegan is Barnivore.

One brand I have tried and love ELY Gin, these are delicious, check out more gifts for gin lovers from Yumbles


I hope you found a few ideas here of fabulous gifts this Christmas, Let me know which is your favorite?

And be sure to pop back in a few days for another gift guide!

Much Love



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