Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty Gift Guide

Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again where we are thinking ahead for the Christmas Season. You may be vegan yourself or looking for the perfect gift for your eco-friendly or vegan friend/family member. Well I got you covered with a range of vegan friendly gift guides coming up this week! From food, to beauty to household gifts, you got this!

I always find it interesting when people say I am ‘hard’ to buy for, just because I am vegan. However there are so many amazing brands out there in the modern day that are solely vegan or have great vegan options, so I am going to share some of my current favorites with you today!
Let’s kick start the week with beauty gifts, it seems a while since I’ve shared with you my current go to beauty buys!

The first brand I would recommend this Christmas is Dr PawPaw, I have a couple review posts of their products here on EmmaBlogsWeb so feel free to click here to check them out. They do the most lovely lip balms (or body balms) I have used, Their yellow original PawPaw Balm is my go to. I have one in my bag and on my work desk! They even have a super cute Christmas Gift Set this season.


Whilst we are on the subject of lip balms, another brand I have been loving and using as part of my evening routine is Good Boom. They have a wide range of lip balms, and lip colours. All are cruelty free and vegan friendly and smell divine! I love the lavender one for overnights!


Another beauty brand I have used consistently since going vegan is MooGoo skincare, they are 100% vegan friendly so you can shop with ease here. I love their shea sorbet for ultimate moisturization.

They also have a lovely sister brand called Dusty Girls Makeup who have a whole host of 100% vegan make-up options. My go to daily product is their Pink Ladies Blush. The highlight is also fabulous!


If you are after something a little different, eco friendly and vegan why not have a look over at Green Frog Botanics. They have a range of beauty products from hand wash to body wash and they sell a great array of soap nuts in bulk (as an ecofriendly warrior myself I would love these as a present, practical and earth friendly! It is also a unique out of the box idea!) They also do small sizes for stocking fillers and great Konjac Sponges. We have used Green Frog Botanics Hand wash in the Marsden House for years and the beautiful earthy scents are always a hit here!


A new to me brand that I have recently discovered and fallen for are Odylique. They have a vast range of vegan friendly products and gift sets. Their Rose gift set in particular looks and smells beautiful and is packaged perfectly to gift with ease. They also do a host of children’s friendly products which I will highlight in my children’s gift guide!
Mum to be? Don’t worry, Odylique have you covered there too, with natural and skin friendly products they also have a range of items for mums, such as nipple creams and bump butter, perhaps a little hamper creation using these products would make a fabulous gift!


MOA is another brand with some wonderful gift sets. They are always coming up with amazing ways to give back such as planting trees and donating to worthy causes. Their green bath potion has been a staple in our home for many years now and I always chuck some in the bath in flu season or when we need a good sinus clear out. It is natures Vapour Rub! Their bath salts smell to die for and all of their skincare products I have tried so far have been fab!


Looking for a more luxurious gift? How about a perfume? I have tried many vegan perfumes over the years and Shay and Blue have been one of my consistent favorites. My mum is also obsessed with their hand creams! They do an array of fresh and fruity, and deep and sultry scents, a little something for everyone.


I hope you found a few ideas here of fabulous gifts this Christmas, Let me know which is your favorite?
And be sure to pop back in a few days for another gift guide!

Much Love



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