Creamy Raw Vegan Avocado Pesto

Creamy Raw Vegan Avocado Pesto

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Today I figured I would share with you a quick one of my go to favourite raw meals. Courghetti spaghetti and pesto! All raw vegan goodness for your body to thrive. This is super simple to make, delicious and super healthy. It is very green and at first I did think…is this really going to taste nice, but it really did and I figured I just had to share it!


To make the luminous green pesto you will need to add to your blender/food processor;

Pine nuts (175g)

Avocado (2 medium)

A handful of fresh basil

half teaspoon on salt (I use pink himalayan)

and the juice of one large lemon.

(Blendy blend, and wallah! Green creamy goodness)

Simply add this to your raw noodle of choice, or cooked noodle/pasta if preferred. My preference is a courgette noodle (I generally use 2-3 large courgettes with this recipe).

Use a spiraliser, or simple peeler to make noodles. I use the Morphy Richards electric one, so simple to use and saves so much time, relatively inexpensive. Not an #AD but just FYI haha.

Let me know if you try it. You can add and omit/swap ingredients as wanted, add more lemon or salt to taste.


Much Love



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