Single Use to Several Use Party Supplies

Single Use to Several Use Party Supplies

Parties are a tricky one in my book, the kids want a fun themed and amazing looking party, mummy wants minimal mess and clean up time. So what do we do? I was kindly gifted some wonderful items for my daughter’s fifth birthday so figured whilst showing you what we used we could come up with some fun inventive ways to make these items several use as opposed to single use items.

Firstly we set up the cutest little photo wall for Leah. This included an amazing handmade banner  from Rosie and the Boys with bunny rabbits and the writing Leah is 5. This went down storm with Leah, she loved it!! They are super high quality which means they can be used again and again, this one certianly will be! As well as this we had some confetti which is made from all the off cuts from custom designs, a great way to reduce waste! Their packaging is also made from biodegradable recyclable materials, even the bags are made from corn and potato starch. It’s amazing that most of the packaging can be simply chucked in the compost.

REUSED/REPURPOSED; For these beauties we composted the confetti(after popping someone the party bags) and the banner is now pride of place in Leah’s bedroom! I can’t see that being taken down anytime soon. This is a fab decoration, I would certainly hire Rosie and the Boys again to create custom banners for us again. How cute would these be in a new baby bedroom?!

Other ideas; Cut them down and use them for crafts, beautiful Christmas and birthday cards? Snazzy children’s room art prints or cake decorations! The world is your oyster!

On the photo wall we also had a lovely bunch of pom pom decorations. Mint and white in colour kindly gifted by Party Delights.

These scattered from the ceiling in a random pattern looked super smart! All the adults thought these looked super snazzy.

REUSED/REPURPOSED; These have again been reused in Leah’s room to recreate her photo wall in her bedroom because it was just that cute!

Other ideas; bedroom/kids room decor, break down for arts and crafts. Gift to other’s for celebrations!

We were also kindly gifted the Bambi party set from Party Delights, this included all the single use party items we tend to see, cups, plates, balloons and the likes. They have the post gorgeous bambi design on them. As you can imagine with a bunny mad daughter, the thumper themed items went down a real treat! Some items like the banner again are a simple reusable item. Balloons we used for crafts and another idea we had was to gift these to a local special school! They love balloons!! (We even made a welcome home balloon arch for Nanny and Papa on their return home from holiday the following day! Cups and Plates were used for lots of fun craft projects! Kids love to draw funny faces on plates, any that were still in good nick were cut up, they can be made into banners, art, pictures, kept for arts and crafts, drawn on, glued to stuff. One way I love to reuse these is to chop them up and make them into present labels! As mentioned above another fun way to reuse paper products is to turn them into paper confetti!

When looking at party bag options we went for items that could be reused again and again, rather than silly whistles and funny plastic toys with a life span of 5 minutes, we instead went for sweets (of course and cake!) but girly items like pretend wands and hair bands which could be reused on the regular! Leah was also kindly gifted a beautiful set of bunny ears to wear from Talking Tables which will last her years and were the perfect party wearing item (these could be used for fancy dress on the daily, halloween, easter and parties galore!)

Where all else failed and we needed products we can chuck we plumped for eco friendly recyclable alternatives such as these lovely palm leaf bowls from Talking Tables. They have a wide range off eco cups, plates and cutlery. Our favourite were the small palm leaf bowls, made from the natural leaf that has fallen from the tree, 100%natural and hard wearing!

We also used wooden cutely from Party Delights, these were so little and cute and perfect for kiddos!

What is your go to party shop and do you have any other ideas to turn single use into several use products! Let me know!!

Much Love



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