Uses for LUSH bath bombs!

Uses for LUSH bath bombs!

So are you like me? Have way to many LUSH products and you love the smell so much you just want your whole house to smell of it? Maybe you don’t have a bath but were gifted some lovely bath bombs for Christmas. I have a few unique ways that I use Lush products that I would love to share with you all.
Lush are 100% Cruelty free, fight against animal testing and are I would hazard a guess approx 90% Vegan at least. It is clearly labelled on there website which products are and aren’t Vegan so check it out!

1. Use your bloody Bath bomb…
This one is obvious, a bath bomb is a bath bomb. Use it in the bath. You can cut them in half to make them last longer. Let your children choose there own as a mid week treat… we did this yesterday and we picked Northern Lights, my son was highly amused when he got out of the bath and it looked like he was bathing in green sludge!

2. Air Freshener…
Yes you heard me. Leave one or two of your favourite scented bath bombs in a room on a pretty little dish and it will make your house smell like a lush shop… you can change these and alternate them so the ones sat out on the side are next to go in the bath and so fourth so you still have beautiful baths. You can also change up the scents for different rooms. Wala!

3. Fabric Freshener…
This one people think I am crazy for but it works a treat. Make your own version of Febreeze. Take half  a bath bomb and crumble it into a spray bottle of plain water, do this gradually or as you can imagine you will look like your trying a science experiment and end up with bath bomb all over the ceiling. Then take your bottle of heavenly smelling water and spray away. Spray the air, your curtains, sofas, bedding, carpets… It works great for quickly freshening up your upholstery in a hurry!

4. Carpet Refresh…
Crumble your bath bomb into a dish and shake it over your carpets. This like the last one will refresh your carpets and leave them smelling heavenly. I often take one or two of a similar scented bath bomb and crumble them both. One for the spray bottle and one for the carpets so the scents work well together. That along with the ones on the mantle piece. My front room smells heavenly. Leave the crumbs on the carpet for a little while to work their way into the carpet and then hoover the residue away.

5. Cupboards and Drawers…
Pop a few chunks of your soaps or bath bombs into little net bags and pop them in the bottom of your wardrobe or your drawers and all your clothes will smell amazing. I actually hung my sons jacket on top of my lush bucket by accident the other day and he went of to school smelling like a LUSH shop!

6. Store your Lush…
Store your Lush products in the room that smells the most or where you want the most scent. This maybe the hallway so you get a waft of Lush as you all walk through the door or where you store your shoes. Wherever you see fit. You could also separate your collection if you have enough and store it in two or three places to spread the scent through the entire house. Don’t store them in the bathroom or any other wet room as this will kill them slowly and we of course don’t want that!

I hope this helps!

Much Love




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