My Go To Summer Sandal.. Vegan Style

My Go To Summer Sandal.. Vegan Style

I’m sharing today one of my favourite Vegan Ethical Fashion Brands Wills Vegan Shoes London, they sell the most amazing shoes and accessories. Wills Vegan products are just that, 100% vegan and cruelty free and are Vegan Society and PETA approved.

Their products are made from vegan ‘leather’, obviously not real leather, this leather is made from bio oil sourced from organic cereal crops grown in Northern Europe. This is eco friendly and made from plants, you heard me, shoes made from plants! They are incredibly comfortable, long lasting, eco-friendly, animal friendly and high quality. The soles are rubber and for the past two years have been created using recycled rubber from Spain.

Ethically sourced and ethically made, their products are made by protected workers who have protected rights to their working hours, leave, pay, maternity, parental leave, anti-discrimination, compensation, agency worker protection and health and safety.

One thing I love even more though is there stance on being eco-friendly, as we are animal saving pioneers, we need to protect our earth too as well as all it’s living inhabitants. Wills is also carbon neutral using sustainable materials and a plastic free policy! They are certified as a Carbon Neutral company. Some of the items used in their packaging include;

“Non treated paper shipping bags from sustainable sources, Non treated cardboard boxes from sustainable sources, Biodegradable document packs with water based adhesive & backing paper from sustainable sources and Non treated paper parcel tape from sustainable sources.”

They even use renewable energy via wind, hydro, geothermal, solar and biomass to offset their carbon emissions.

Some of my favourite Wills Products are their Women’s work boots in chestnut (I’ve had a pair of these for years and they are stilling strong!), I wear their desert greys all the time too, a statement shoe that can be dressed upon down. Currently my go to this summer are the Hurrache Footbed Sandals. These literally form to the shape of your foot and may well, actually ARE, the most comfortable sandals that I own! These are great for beach days, summer walks and dressed up for work. They have shock absorbing cork footbeds lined with a soft vegan suede. Arch support and heel cup with an adjustable strap. I can wear these for hours and hours with no rubbing or discomfort. I would definitely recommend these.


Another item I use on the daily are Wills Bags, I have a large satchel bag which I use for travelling, adventures locally, picnics, car trips and for the kids swimming lessons mostly! But I also have the small satchel in chestnut which is my work bag. Now I work reduced hours I don’t need to take to much to work and this fits a large 1 litre water bottle and a couple bits of fruit to see me through the day (sometimes a cheeky smoothie too!). Again it’s a good size, super comfy to wear, it can be worn across body, over the shoulder or like a backpack due to the changeable strap position. It can again be dressed up or down and is a great size for night and day.

I wear almost solely Wills shoes now (excuse the pun haha) and have not looked back. They have a style for every occasion as they are so incredibly versatile. The price point is higher than your standard shop but not unreasonable in the vegan shoe world, my Chelsea boots were an investment however have lasted me a solid three years and look literally like new and I wore these daily… and went on nice long walks around Cornwall in them. I have since replaced the insoles for a few £’s but would say they have several years left in their use. If you were to work out much your shoes are costing you and how well they last, I doubt this really is a more expensive option personally. I also believe in slow fashion and paying a suitable price for quality items and these are just that. Generally there is a reason for fast fashion pricing and thats normally due to inhumane ethical practices, fast fashion workshops and poor working conditions. Please think twice before making these choices! Let me know if you’ve ever tried Wills Vegan London shoes or accessories and which you love most!


Much Love


**Please note items in this post were kindly gifted but this post is NOT sponsored**


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