My Daily Dose of Vitamin C

My Daily Dose of Vitamin C

As you all know Pixi is one of my go to vegan friendly brands as they have a huge host of vegan options and are cruelty free of course. They have some amazing skin care products, I have recently been using the Glow range (Click here for a mini review!), however have replaced these over the last few weeks with their new Vitamin C range.

One of the products I have been trying out is the Vitamin C Tonic, unfortunately their best selling glow tonic is not vegan friendly but I have found this to be a great alternative!

The Vitamin C Tonic is a potent antioxidant and claims to promote healthy collagen production and brightening of the skin. I used this after cleansing and it works well for removing any grime I managed to miss on cleansing and to prepare the skin for moisturising.

I’ve been trying out the Vitamin C Juice Cleanser also which like the whole Vitamin C range is illuminating and brightening. This doesn’t foam like your standard cleanser and is more of a water, however works just as effectively as a normal cleanser.

Some of the other items in the range include the Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin C Lotion, and Vitamin C Caviar Balm. All of the range is vegan friendly so why not give them a go? I have to admit, my skin feels clean, blemish free and overall much brighter. I see a real difference in my skin tone and texture and my dark circles seem lifted. I will certainly be continuing to use this set to see if this continues or improves! Let know if you have tried them too and which is your favourite?


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