5 options for a plastic free period

5 options for a plastic free period

Period’s, one of mother nature’s weirdest but necessary things, but lets face it, weird to talk about and incredibly wasteful.  I know in my lifetime if I added up all the tampons and pads I must have gone through it would be a scary number. This is why I have decided to swap out to plastic free periods and use reusable sanitary items. I have made a little list below of some of the cruelty free and eco friendly alternatives that us ladies could use when Mother Nature pays us our monthly visit, guilt free periods all round!



1: Pads

Firstly I’m going to share the method I use most and that is reusable menstrual pads, cloth pads. They are essentially washable sanitary towels. These come in an array of sizes and absorbency’s, different shapes to suit size and preference. I personally TMI have fairly short but heavy periods therefore I find these work well for me in medium and heavy 9inch. (I have a few sets from muff dusters and they last me just fine). These are an investment, but as they are reusable you will essentially be saving in the long run. I find these super easy to use, they are foldable after use to pop in a bag or washing basket and they feel much nicer than plastic pads!

Some great brands worth trying out are;

Bloom and Nora

Muff Dusters




2: Cups

I am yet to delve into the world of cups but they are essentially a soft, medical grade silicone cup that is placed inside like a tampon to catch the released period flow. These will again help to save money,  the environment and they are fully reusable so theres no sudden fear that you may run out of sanitary products. They are known to be able to contain up to three times the liquid of a normal tampon which means ladies with heavy flow are sorted, and that it can be kept in for longer than normal.

Some great brands worth trying are;

Moon Cup

Organi Cup

Enna Cup

Fair Squared Cup


3: Period Pants

When I think of period pants I think Bridget jones, massive pants you pull out when on the old period again, however now a days they are actually somewhat pretty! They are comfy and work a treat.

So period pants are essentially a normal pair of underwear with hidden absorbency that not only holds moisture but keep this away from the body to irradicate that nasty wet feeling. You simply rinse them and wash them after use like your normal clothing. It isn’t the nicest to have to rinse them I can admit, but to me it is just another natural bodily fluid that I have to deal with every now and then, similar to when the kids are ill, poop their pants, are snotty or sick, it’s all the same and we don’t instantly chuck their clothes away without at least trying to wash them up, so why would we with our sanitary products,

Great brands to try;



4: Sea Sponge

One of the weirder newer options out there is of sea sponge, or sponge tampons. These are natural, reusable sponges and are biodegradable. That are inserted like a tampon, removed, rinsed and reinserted. Less waste, less expensive and eco friendly. You can also get standard sponge ones!

Another pro is that sea sponges can even be worn during sex! Mess free, period downtime.

Some great brands to try are;

Beppy Soft 

Jam Sponge

Moon Times


5: Natural Disposables

A further option if you are unable to source or use any of the above are natural disposables. So single use products that can be used and disposed of, but ones that are at least more environmentally friendly. Some examples could be organic tampons and pads.

Some great brands to try are;



Eco by Naty 

Flo Organic Tampons 

Grace and Green 





Eco by Naty


Flo Bamboo 

Grace and Green 

Tsuno Bamboo 


Let me know what your go to is? And whether there are any above you are keen to try out!

Much Love



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