Live Native Natural Skincare

Live Native Natural Skincare

One brand that I have been trying out this plastic free July is Live Native. I have used their products on and off over the past three years and they were actually one of the first vegan friendly brands I tried when making the leap to veganism. All their products are cold pressed, free from toxins, raw vegan and organic, cruelty free too of course.

I have been dabbling with raw veganism for a few years now and always feel my best when eating this way. Eating raw means you are getting all the nutrient and vitamin benefits from what you are eating, living ingredients as they call it. This is the same process used for raw skincare. Cold-pressing rather than heat processing allows the natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids,phytonutrients and antioxidants to remain to give better benefit to our bodies.

Some of the amazing ingredients used consist of; ”freshly-squeezed (food-grade) unpasteurised Aloe Vera (grown in Spain) or raw/cold-processed Ghanian Shea Butter – two of our favourite ingredients used in Live Native moisturisers, balms, cleansers and a few other products”

One of the products that I have been loving over the past month is the Lemongrass cleanser, a vital part of any skincare regime of course. This cleanser is not only very moisturising and cleansing, it also smells ansum (aka bloody lovely). Some of it’s powerful ingredients include; Moroccan Rhassoul Clay (exfoliating, de clogging and dirt removing), Silica rich oats (exfoliating), Lemon Grass (regulates oil production and smells like heaven), and Bog Myrtle (antibacterial). Also in this little jar is Hebridean Kelp (full of minerals and anti-inflammatory qualities), MSM (for building collagen), along with Argan, Calendula and coconut oil to help clear the skin and keep moisture locked in.

I have quite problem skin at times, (particularly at certain times if you get me!) and acne, and hormonal acne have always been an issue for me since my late teens (with this comes, break outs, scarring and large pores). I find this cleaner really helps to not only clean my pores but also exfoliates gently, leaving the skin clean and clear, due to it’s antibacterial properties I have also noticed a vivid reduction in the amount of breakouts I am experiencing.

A couple other products that I would recommend after this are the corrective toner, perfect for after cleansing, rose water if you are spot prone like really helps to calm the skin, reduce redness and balance the skin levels. After this I generally use the sensitive moisturiser, again, super natural, lightweight and easy to use. Suitable for all skin types. This is super soothing, smells amazing and is actually good for your skin. I have worried for years about what I am putting into my body without thinking clearly about what I am putting on my skin… it’s a vital organ at the end of the day and we all need to look after and protect it best we can.

On top of looking after ourselves there is also the impact on our earth we need to think about. Luckily all the Live Native products and sold in glass bottles and jars to reduce plastic waste and help our oceans. A wonderful cruelty free, vegan, animal and earth friendly brand. Have you tried any of their products yet?


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