Natural Deodorant for the HeatWave!

Oh boy oh boy, is it boiling this week here in Cornwall, and has been for many weeks now, I’m sweating in places I didn’t even know I could. The kid’s are grumpy and I’m bothered. I may be the only one wishing for autumn already!! Either way due to this excessive heat and my need to evidently sweat like a pig I have needed the mother of deodorants these past few weeks!

On my hunt for amazing cruelty free and vegan deodorants I crossed paths with an amazing brand called Pit Putty. I had tried their products before and loved them and was rather excited to be reunited with this old friend.

Deodorant is one of those products that is hard enough to find vegan friendly versions of without the added element of being natural and zero waste or plastic free. However Pit Putty is just that. They come in handy tins that are reusable/recyclable and come in a whole host of amazing scents.

Lavender is a new love of mine, it’s calming and helps me sleep, I think this is something a lot of us struggle with in the modern world. These guys are not only natural, vegan and safe for the whole family, they actually work too! They are also free from harmful chemicals, aluminium and preservatives. I have previously tried the lavender and lemon which smells to die for and is perfect for those of you in need of chill time like me! I am now trying out the Lemongrass and tea tree, a super fresh fruity scent perfect for the summer-holidays.

It can seem a tad odd at first using a solid deodorant when you are so used to a stick form in a wasteful plastic packaging, however.. it’s really not all that scary. The tins are reusable for Nic Nacs of recyclable, I tend to use my left over tins for loose change, bobby pins or earrings..! The easiest way I have found to use these is to just scoop a little out with my finger and massage between my fingers and rub under the arm. Simple as that. It lasts for my whole working day, no nasty sweat patches and smells fresh. What more could I need? It’s an ideal size for handbags and travel.

I would certainly recommend you check these out if you are looking to go plastic free this July 🙂

Much Love



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