The sun has got it’s hat on…

The sun has got it’s hat on…

When the sun has got it’s hat on and your 4 year old refuses to wear a hat because her Diva self is too worried about it messing up her 90’s style high pony, the only answer is copius amounts of sun-cream! We are a family of sun cream wearer’s as we know our skin is our largest muscle and needs a bit of loving especially in the beautiful sunshine we have been having of late. My whole family are beautiful English rose skinned (aka, white as a bloody ghost) therefore suncream in this kind of heat is incredicbly important for our health.


We have been trying out the Green People  Edelweiss Sun Lotion (with tan accelerator) over the past few weeks. This one has been fab for the days where it isn’t blazing heat, but it’s been muggy and we needed some protection but not are slapped all over fact 50!

The main reason though that I am sharing these beauties with you today is the fact that I am taking part in plastic free July, and oh my it’s hard to find sun cream alternatives. I have found this one to be a perfect happy medium though. The suncream is 100% reef safe and ocean friendly due to it being made with sugar cane packaging as opposed to plastic.. did I also mention that it is vegan friendly and cruelty free too! Did you know our sea life is struggling because of our consumed plastic pollution? Over 60-90% of marine debris researched was plastic and our coastlines are littered with 1,000’s of pieces of plastic (5,000 pieces per mile approx!), It’s utter madness!

The cream itself is easy to use, perfect for all skin types (even for the little ones as it is fine on sensitive skin) and it even increases collagen and protects from UV damage.


I’m not personally all that fussed about getting a tan however if you are then this one right here helps you gain that nice tan that little bit faster (up to 25% in fact).

It includes a whole host of organic ingredients including; Organic Aloe Vera, Edelweiss, Inositol, Green Tea & Avocado

If you are looking for a brand of suncream this plastic free this July be sure to check these out, the packaging is ocean safe, farmed on sustainable land, plant based and carbon neutral. They are also vegan and cruelty free. Certainly ticking a lot of my boxes!


Let me know if you give it a go?

Much Love Emma and Leah


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