Pixi Beauty Glow Collection

Pixi Beauty Glow Collection

You all know I have a love of the brand pixi and I was lucky enough to get sent a lovely little package from them recently of their much accredited Glow Collection. I’ve been using the products for several weeks now and wanted to share my thoughts and favourites! All of the products I have reviewed below are vegan friendly, pixi of course are cruelty free and have a whole ton of vegan products. Please note though the main Glow Tonic is not vegan friendly, therefore I have not used/reviewed this product from the glow collection.

The first product I have been trying is the Glow Tonic Cleanser. I have implemented this into my skin care routine as my daily cleanser using at least once and often twice per day. I firstly remove my makeup and then use this as a second cleanse to remove any makeup/dirt left behind. It leaves the skin feeling really clean and sparkly (it seems to almost brighten the complexion maybe a better way of putting that!) It includes Moisclean which is a moisturising blend of glycol acid, horse chestnut extract, aloe and ginseng.  It feels light, moisturising and efficient. It leaves that cool tingling feeling to the skin which I personally love (likely the soothing effect of the aloe). I will be certainly continuing to use this one as part of my daily skincare routine.


The second product I have been trying out is the Glow Tonic Serum, this is of course vegan friendly which I find a lot of serums aren’t! Its super light weight, moisturising and nourishing. It claims to soften, refine and restore radiance for smooth and balanced skin. This comes in a little bottle with a poppet topper, it also comes with a standard lid for travel which I thought was super handy because thinking about it, packing a serum would be a nightmare wouldn’t it?? Again I’ve been using this for a few weeks in conjunction with the cleanser and moisturiser I will tell you guys about in a moment, and I do see a great improvement in my overall skin appearance and I notice a really good improvement in my spots and redness in the T-section. Again I am going to continue using this one to see how I get on.


The phenomenal gel claims to be balancing and pH neutralizing. To be honest I am at a point where I am using all these products together (as advised by pixi) so I am unsure which one is really doing what, but as I said earlier I can see a big difference in the overall skin appearance, so can only assume they are working! This one is a soothing gel and I actually use this for my morning moisturiser before makeup (and irradicated the need for a primer). Weirdly I have had dry skin over the past few months, when normally I am very oily. I have found this is just enough moisture to keep my makeup in place and not look too dry, but also sinks into the skin nicely to leave that moisturising feeling.

Finally as you may have seen over on my Instagram, I have been trying out Pixi’s solid moisturiser. This looks like a cream blush or even a deodorant in the way it is packaged however it is a solid moisturiser. It can used for the face, body, lips or hair and has a unique blend of Vitamin D2, gentle acids and vitamins and claims to increase moisture levels. I have used this on the face and lips and have to agree it does work and is moisturising. The thing I like most about it is that it is travel friendly, This can be taken on holiday, weekends away or even chucked in your work or gym bag for those post sweaty workouts! I have been using this as my nightly moisturiser over the last few weeks and have to say it works wonderfully, it gives my skin the moisture it needs that for sure. I will say that this one unlike the serums does not sink into the skin as quickly and can take a while to truly sink away, however I think at night this works perfectly for slow and gradual long term moisturising of the skin, I would recommend giving this a go for those needing a handy travel moisturiser! I am starting a new work out routine soon including swimming and I think this would be amazing as a post pool moisturiser, I will let you know how I get on with it going forward.


I would certainly recommend giving the Glow Collection a try, Do you have a favourite Pixi product?


Much Love



**Please note items in this post were kindly gifted but this is NOT a sponsored post**


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