oooh so SLEEPY… Mini Lush Haul

oooh so SLEEPY… Mini Lush Haul

I am partial to a cheeky LUSH haul every now and then so I figured it’s about time I tried out some new products. I often buy from LUSH as I appreciate their stance on animal cruelty, they do not test on animals! LUSH also have a large array of great vegan friendly products which are clearly labelled both on the products in store and online which is super helpful when making a sneaky purchase.

I have been wondering for a while about their shampoo bars, I was a sceptic I have to admit. I have heard great reviews about them and how they work so I figured it’s about time I ordered one. I got the bright blue bar which is called Seanik. I think buying online is always a risk as you can’t physically smell the bars but actually this one was lovely! I have been using it for about a month now and have to say it is lasting well. I am not sure yet how long it will last in total but I will let you know roughly when I do! They are some what pricey for shampoo but for now it does seem to be lasting well.

Seanik is made from solid seaweed, sea salt and lemon for shine and volume. It has an uplifting lemon scent! It contains Irish moss gel, Japanese nori seaweed and fine sea salt for added oomph! Lemon oil to make the hair shine and scents such as mimosa, jasmine and orange flower essential oils.. just because!

I love the scent of this one and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily and well it lathers into a bubble and easily washes the hair. I wasn’t expecting it to be honest, it is almost magical! They do take a while to dry out again though and can be a little messy in this process, you cannot put them straight into the little tin as I would have expected to or they get all stuck and squishy, so bare that in mind. I would certainly recommend them! (Make sure you make your husband aware what the shampoo bar is… Shaun almost chucked mine away because he said it was going mouldy… I found it in the bin… and said what on earth are you doing, that’s my shampoo, to which his response was its green and mouldy… no dear… thats seaweed!).

The round tins are great for keeping the shampoo bars safe and stop them from breaking or getting wet in transit! However make sure not to put them in if damp or wet still as they need to be fully dry otherwise you end up with a pot of mushy shampoo in the tin which is a nightmare to get out!! I would say buy if needed for travel or you can’t keep the bar somewhere dry between uses, but not really needed for everyday use! I found my bar took a day to dry out, and then I would flip it to dry out the other side… and then I’d be using it again the following day so ended up just leaving in the bathroom anyway and not using the tin. I am keeping the tin for travel though!

Next I figured if I am trying the solid shampoo I should also give the solid conditioner a try to.

The one I plumped for was jungle, I saw it stated it was more of an earthy smell as apposed to floral or sweet and well it’s green. Need I say more! This one is packed with fruit, oils and cocoa butter. It has figs, kumquats and passion fruit for shine and hydration. Bananas, avocado and coca butter for conditioning effects. This bar is also naked and self preserving too so eco friendly.

So this one states to lather in hands to melt a little and add to hair and that a little goes a long way.

To be honest I’m not as big a fan of the conditioner, I found it hard to lather, and I seemed to be needing a lot more of it than indicated. I needed to lather lots in my hand (which takes a long time, and it never really seemed to give you much to work with), then I would add it to my hair. I felt like my hands were being more conditioned than my hair really! It is decreasing in size a lot faster than the shampoo bar and a lot harder I feel to use. I personally wouldn’t purchase this again, I did love the scent but not the consistency. I think I am going to try and turn this into a liquid using a reusable bottle and hot water to melt and I will let you know over on Insta how I get on and how well it lasts. I feel like as a liquid and melted down and mixed a bit it will likely last longer and go that bit further! We will see!

Thirdly and finally (but certainly not last in my eyes) is the sleepy shower gel. The sleepy range is certainly my favourite LUSH scent. I cannot find one I have loved more, although I do like a lot of the famous LUSH scents. The combinations of tonka and lavender just make me feel all ‘ahhhhh’ inside. I can’t say the range particularly helps me sleep (I know a lot of people who claim it does though), but it does smell ansum! I was in need of a new shower gel so figured seeming as I know I love the sleepy scent (I am obsessed with the body lotion) it would be wise to try the shower gel. The smell is just as strong and good, the scent lingers for a long time and the formula is great, lathers nicely and a little goes a really long way. I haven’t yet found a LUSH shower gel I don’t like the formula of to be honest, but sleepy is certainly the one I would recommend on scent alone! It has calming lavender, skin softening oat milk and Ylang Ylang oil to wash away the grime!

What’s your favourite LUSH product or scent? Let me know any recommendations you may have! The above are all Vegan friendly of course!

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