10 Things I Want To Do Before I’m 30…

10 Things I Want To Do Before I’m 30…

So today is my birthday! I have just turned 28 years of age and well, I can’t say I feel all that different but I can say the realization has hit me that I am fast approaching 30. And although I am generally not all that fussed about milestones and the big scary numbers, I would like to take my 30’s as a stepping stone to doing more of what makes me happy! So, I decided to make myself a little list of all the things I would like to accomplish over the next few years before I hit that milestone, mostly realistic…


  1. Buy a house

This likely seems the least realistic expectation of the bunch however we are saving currently and aim to at least have a mortgage agreed in principle by the time I turn the big 30. I think in the modern-day home owning is something that is far less common, however currently with rent prices hitting the roof, we feel we are essentially paying for someone else’s holiday or mortgage and well… we want our own! So, the aim is to save ourselves a hefty deposit and I hope in two years’ time we will be home owners!  Watch this space!

  1. Makeup declutter/donate

Another thing I would really like to get on top of over the next few years consistently is the clutter… I just seem to hoard things that I don’t need or want. Possibly because I am pretty frugal and don’t like to chuck away things of use. However, I found a few amazing charities such as Give and Makeup who donate makeup to those in need  Therefore, will soon be having a massive declutter and donating anything I can to charity and gifting to friends and family. Anything else will be donated to the charity shop or I may even rope the kids into helping me with a carboot sale!

  1. Stop the grudges

Grudges is something I do like to take hold of… I am one stubborn, blunt opinionated lady (but let’s face it, you likely already know that!) However, in my late twenties I have really been trying to forget about and let go of the past and change my mindset to focus more so on the future. I’ve recently had a big social media clear out, and plan to do so on all my channels, where I only follow what I actually want to see, rather than being the nosey person I am and then getting annoyed when I see things I don’t want to. I am also letting go of old arguments and focusing more so on the people around me, the ones that still remain who are the ones that matter. Quality not Quantity, right?

  1. Lose a few pounds

I feel like this has been a wish of mine through my entire twenties… I always say every year; this will be the year where I get my body back. But let’s face it I am a mum of two, that skinny tight little bod I once had is well… long gone, as I have had two kids… and I’m ten years older… so I am being more realistic. I hope. I am giving myself two years to eat better and be more active and I hope just to feel a little more comfortable in my mum jeans when I approach my thirties!

  1. Work harder on a hobby

Hobbies are something that I have always found important and it always baffled me when people say they just don’t have one? Like what does everyone do in the evening/weekends… I know I’m a mum, and I work full time, and I study, but my hobby is something that gets me out of the house, allows me to socialize and talk to other human beings as friends and learn something new, I would certainly recommend clubs to be a great place to meet new people. I personally play in a band as my hobby and I have been working hard to become a better player, however, due to the way I was initially taught, I have reached a point in which I can go no further, therefore needing to change the way I play completely. A mission and a half and there is never a good time of the year to do this without being out and about gigging. But I am going to bite the bullet and start again this year and try and exceed the limit I hit and progress as a better musician. Que dodgy pitching and sounding like a duck for the next few months (sorry fellow band members)

  1. Take more pictures

Something I consistently tell myself to do. I love a good picture and I print them at the end of every year to cherish forever. I love looking back through old albums from when I was a kid and to be honest the more the years are going on the less I seem to be reaching for my camera, therefore I am going to attempt to make more effort to take more photos of my loved ones and more importantly, actually be in them for a change. I realized recently that I have a lot of photos of Shaun and the kids, but few of myself. I want my children to be able to look back at our memories and see us all loving life!

  1. Try out all the food! (Vegan!)

Eating all the food is definitely one of my to do’s before I’m 30. I try and eat as healthily and plant based as I can and this has opened up a whole new world of cooking, flavours and tastes that I haven’t tried, and there is so many that I am still yet to try, Therefore I want to make it my mission to eat more flavor rich foods, learn to be a better cook (whether this be cooked or raw food combinations) and life the best healthy food life I can. Who’s with me?

  1. More me time 

My 8th plan is to have more me time. More time to just be me, rather than someone’s mum or colleague. I want to spend more time pampering myself, having a better sleep routine and skin care routine. Watching less TV and spending more time socializing and communicating. Spending more time on the things that are important to me. I know that I have in the past thought of this want as selfish… and maybe it even comes across this way. I love my life, and my children and my job. But there is the odd occasion where I truly believe everyone should put themselves, their own health and well-being first… To start this off I would love to have a better routine in place in regard to sleeping and by doing so I hope to change up my evening and morning routines to be more healthy but to also create that little bit of me time in there before the kids are awake and after they sleep (this time is limited… Leah nevvvvver bloody sleeps lately!!) I also want to make a little me time to work out… yes, I said it. The dreaded work out. I have never really been a gym goer therefore I’ve decided to invest in a little present for myself… a swim pass. And as I am a frugal mum I know I will use it, as it’s wasteful not to! So I need to go swimming twice a week to make this cost worth my while, and therefore that is what I shall do! Swimming pool watch out, here I come, wobbly legs and saggy tum and all!

  1. Be Less Wasteful

Number nine is something I have been meaning to do for a while. Try to be less wasteful. Whether this be composting, recycling and buying less, I am determined to do this. I would like to buy more from local farmers markets and stalls, and less from superstores. I would like to reduce our junk food consumption and reduce our plastic buying. I would also love to start my own little compost as I have a lot of food waste from the fruits and veggies we eat. I find this task hard where we currently live as I feel like Cornwall is still in the past, there are not many refillable/reusable shops where you can buy in bulk, healthy ingredients with your own bags and boxes and the few there are aren’t really nearby and therefore I’m driving and wasting fuel to get to them… we win some we lose some. But yes, I plan to be less wasteful. To reuse more and repurpose more and give to those who need it more than me. Aim to reduce my plastic and carbon emissions and generally lead a less wasteful way of life. This is the one aim I think we may struggle with initially but will hopefully be able to succeed in when the two years are up (I’ll keep you posted!)

  1. Be more organized!

Isn’t this just something we all tell ourselves we will do year on year. I will be more organized and I will have a better routine, and ten years on… I am still telling myself this. I am a list kind of person so all over my house, my work, my phone… I collect these little to do lists, or ideas lists and then they never seem to evolve into a whole lot. Therefore, I want to make more structured lists, and wants, more realistic aims perhaps. I have invested in a diary and planner, cute quirky notebooks for my ideas and I have an action plan… first on my to do list? Figure out what I want to do before I’m 40 😉 haha.


Hope this has been good afternoon reading for you all and let me know what your next aims in life are before your next milestone?! I’d love to read them.


Much Love




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