Chocolate Chip Brownies… Because Who Doesn’t Love Them?

Chocolate Chip Brownies… Because Who Doesn’t Love Them?

Everyone loves a good brownie right. I was kindly gifted an array of goodies from one of my favourite chocolate brands Pacari Chocolate so I figured it’s about time I make some brownies!



These are 100% Raw Vegan, healthy and delicious! I made about 20 with this recipe, they are great for parties, sharing or just munching throughout the week!



2 Cups of Almonds

2 Cups of Cashews

1 Cup Sweetener of Choice (I used Monk-fruit, but you could also use a liquid sweeter such as Agave or Maple syrup and use less dates to combine)

10 Medjool Dates (I also added a cup of chopped dates as I had some to hand!)

3 Teaspoons Cacao Powder (*Pacari of course)

Handful of Chocolate chips as wanted (*I used Pacari 70%)

All you need to do is basically blitz them up in your food processor adding more dates as needed to combine. Once you have the correct consistency where the dough starts to stick together with less crumble, you can pat these into a pan or pot and them chop to the desired size!

Let me know if you like them!

Much Love


**Please note items marked * in this post were kindly gifted, not sponsored**


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