Reused… Reloved…. Repurposed…

Reused… Reloved…. Repurposed…

If you have read my most recent New Year’s post you will have seen that one of my resolutions was to have more me time and I thought what better way to start the new year in style than with a relaxing pamper in the bath! I was gifted some lovely products this Christmas and figured what an ideal oppourtinuty to try some out!

The main product I have been trying out over the last few weeks is a new body scrub from UpCircle, its a coffee and peppermint one, sounds odd, but my it smells heavenly. Good enough to drink, funny that!

UpCircle as a company have many of the same ethics that I do and I love their mission. To be good for the world, good for you and a good idea! They are fully sustainable, vegan and cruelty free of course and have no harsh chemicals, SLS, SLE’s, parabens, mineral oil, perfume or sulphates!

The process they use is to salvage ingredients that would normally go to waste and repurpose and reuse them. This scrub has top-quality Arabica coffee grounds inside which have been sourced from Artisan coffee shops. Using these ingredients along with others such as Chai tea spices, saves a lot of very healthy usable product going to landfill. I have to say I think this is a fabulous idea, less waste, healthy skincare, amazing products, what’s not to love?

UpCircle use 100% natural products in their skincare which is essential I believe for healthy glowing skin. The coffee grounds make for an excellent exfoliator, the caffeine stimulates blood flow and can help that pesky cellulite. The use of coffee grounds also eliminates those nasty plastic pieces which were being used in scrubs! Thank goodness they are gone! It is rich in antioxidants helping keep you stay looking younger for longer. The scrub also has Shea butter which is extracted from the African Karite tree’s. It’s high in Vitamin’s A and E along with fatty acids. I have used a lot of Shea products and they are some of the best I have come across for hydration. With this goes the peppermint and eucalyptus, which helps relives congestion and that blocked up feeling, and well… its smells fabulous too!

When using this I found the coffee grains to be smooth and gentle but ultra exfoliating, and it did leave the skin smooth and soft. It actually felt extremely moisturising post bath which was a great surprise. Normally an exfoliator would leave the skin feeling dry and irritated and generally I slather my body with copious amounts of body creams or gels, but if anything this left a layer of moisturising oils on the skin (I’m assuming this is the Shea butter). The thing I love most though I think is the smell.. oh my… delicious. My bath was filled with heavenly scents this week.. (check out my Instagram for what I put in my *green bath*). The sustainability of this product and the empathise on waste reduction is fab! I use many brands that are cruelty free and vegan of course and this one seems to have taken that extra step into sustainability, which I think is an amazing step that all brands need to consider more thoroughly.


I would certainly recommend you try yourself a perfect green bath, yes it looks like I am swimming in a frog pond, but… it was a bloody good frog pond!

Much Love


**Don’t mind me chilling out in my minty green bath of relaxation ;)**


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