Thank You’s and Resolution’s

Thank You’s and Resolution’s

Before I begin with this year’s resolutions I just wanted to say Thank You.. to you… every person who has read my blog or interacted with me on social media in some way. You make this hobby amazing and worth doing. You help me more than you may realise by appreciating what I am saying, writing and sharing. I thank you mostly this year for your love and encouragement but also your patience. I have had a long year, with many battles and changes, new challenges and changes to routines. I have lost track of my blogging, my social media input and my time in general and this is something I am working on now. I thank you, for bearing with me whist I get my hypothetical ‘shit’ together… and thank you… for being you 🙂 


I have been a little quiet here on the blog of late, and there are some very good reasons for this. I have a rather hectic life at present which is the main one. I find myself trying to do some kind of juggling act each day of full time working, studying for my MBA, hobbies and music along side parenting.. and then also this blog… and well… most days it just really is a mumble to the finishing line or a total fail. I have been burning the candle and both ends, and I couldn’t keep up. This is what has lead me to my New Years Resolution.. and the main one I am practicing is… to have more me time… time to do the things I want to do, and reflect on things, to take my time over tasks and stop spending my days cramming more and more in… to be okay with just getting by and having no time for certain things, and appreciating the moment in the moment.

This means better planning and organisation and setting more realistic goals for my day to day life, my work and my hobbies. This means working less out of normal working hours and spending more time with my loved ones.

This year we have made lots of family plans, the main one being a chart of our local surroundings. A large map of beautiful Cornwall with all the places we would like to visit. Its mad really, I have lived here all my life, one of the most visited places in the UK, famous for it’s beaches and mining trails, and well… I haven’t visited the half of it… both here in Cornwall and the UK in general. We love to explore, and it’s about time we broadened our horizons and travelled more as a family. So we have a pin board, starting locally, of all the lovely walks, beaches and trails we could find, and each weekend we are planning a family day at one of the destinations we want to visit. Tyler wants to go to a real underground mine place.. and Leah.. wants to go to the park by nanny’s house (being the park we always go to!) I hope this will give us all a bit of a better work life balance, a time to enjoy each other and make memories… and hopefully find some beautiful spots in the process (although, we all know this will be trial and error… we actually started this adventure last week and ended up down a very long lane in the middle of somewhere,… and then it got dark,.. let’s just say it was a very short adventure and we had a very muddy car! There is no win without fail though right?). I hope to share some of the beautiful places, the muddy places.. and the fails with you guys here on my blog. Perhaps they will be good break time reading, or if you are visiting the area, a local’s view with hidden treasures even.

As well as this, I plan to really work hard on my studies, I have come to terms with the fact that essentially I need to stop procrastinating about my lack of time and life, and just get on with it, as well.. as they say. When it’s done, its done! Therefore I have allocated a set amount of hours each week to really working on my studies, with no interruptions or distractions of an evening. So far… Leah doesn’t sleep until gone 11pm (if we are lucky) and is constantly up… we are very much in that stage of not even being able to go for a pee without an interuption from a toddler, who obviously 30 seconds earlier, didn’t need a pee, when I asked… does anyone need a wee… before I have a wash… no… of course not mummy, we are all fine…. 1 minute later…. Mummmmmmy I needed a weeeeeee….. nowwwwWWWW!!!
So it’s safe to say this resolution may not go as swiftly as planned… but a plan… is at least a start right? Nothing planned nothing gained and all that…. And it may at least help me with our ever expanding schedule.



I think this past year has been a bit change for us all… me going back to work full time has been a big challenge, but also very rewarding. It has meant that I have had less time doing the things I really enjoy, like spending more time with the children, practicing music and writing.. however it has made me appreciate the time I do have doing all of these things much more… it has made me realise that there are ups and downs with life. Challenges to conquer and always new things to learn. I like working, it keeps my brain engaged.. lets face it.. theres only so many conversations you can have with a toddler about Peppa pig right? Leah is adapting to more hours at nursery, and Tyler to more wrap around care at school, and also the concept of my Husband having to help more around the house and at night time with the children, so I at least get a small amount of sleep and grasp hold of the small amount of sanity I have left.



I hope 2019 is to be the year where I get my ass in gear and spend more time enjoying the time I have. Living in the moment and embracing whatever wonders and woes the world chucks at me…. Here’s to 2019… I hope everyone has a bloody lovely year :D!



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