Waste Not…Drink More!

Waste Not…Drink More!

Seriously guys.. this heat is killing me.. I don’t think it has ever been this hot for this long in the UK.. has it?? I live in Sunny Cornwall and well let’s be frank, it’s name is utter nonsense because 99% of the year it’s normally raining and I am literally that British person that winged at the rain and is now winging at the sun! In this heat I am finally actually drinking more so I guess that is one thing that has come from this heat wave other than feeling tired, sweating in places I didn’t know I could and teasy children! I always struggled with my 2-3 litres a day and I can say now that finally I am drinking at least 2 litres each day just because I feel so dehydrated! On top of this I have been drinking lots of delicious cold pressed fruit juices and one brand I have been trying out lately are Waste Not.

I love to share with you guys all my delicious vegan finds and well this one is not only vegan but also ethical too! Waste Not is a new range of delicious cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, not only do they taste amazing, they will make you feel amazing too, they are packed full of nutrients and minerals and are even one are of your five a day too. Of course they are vegan friendly.. they are essentially just fruit and veg!

There are four delicious flavours which are all made from “wonky” veg! You know the ones, theres been a few adverts on wonky veg lately and some supermarkets even offer a wonky veg bag now which is amazing. Essentially wonky veg are the discarded fruit and vegetables that are skipped because they don’t look like a steriotypical vegetable. So for example… a two legged carrot or an L-shaped Parsnip… lets be honest, a carrot is a carrot, whether it’s big, small, wonky or straight… they all taste the same with the same amount of goodness so why on earth does this country throw away tons and tons of this goodness every day? I love the fact that Waste not, literally does what it says on the tin, makes amazing juices out of something that essentially most people would chuck away, saving those nutrients from the skips! Even the bottles are ethical too being that they are 30% recycled!

The four flavours are;

  • Orange, Apple, Celery and Spinach
  • Apple, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cucumber with mint
  • Orange, Beetroot and Apple
  • Orange, Carrot and Apple

I must say these are all delicious in their own ways. I’ve never been much of a green juice kind of person but I even like the green one.. seriously? What has gotten into me! My favourite is the Orange, Carrot and Apple (the orange one) it tastes sweet but with a little kick of carrot, how can something this illuminous be good for you?! It tastes like carrot cake in a bottle! I find the red one (apple, watermelon, cucumber and mint to be the most refreshing out of the bunch if you are looking for a nourishing fruity pick me thats going to make you feel hydrated and sustained at the same time!

I’d certainly recommend giving these a go if you are able too, they are an amazing brand with a genuine ethical standpoint, Less Waste, Yummy Juice!

Another handy thing is that these bad boys are sold in selected Tesco stores so hopefully you’ll be able to pick them up fairly easily for a try!

Let me know if you give them a try and which your favourite is!!

Much Love




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