Got Milk?

Got Milk?

One of the main things people ask me on a daily basis at work, would you like a cuppa? How can you drink them without milk? What milk do you drink? Do you even drink it?

So I figured why not address ‘MILK’ and the Vegan alternatives out there and their benefits, to help all of you with a million questions about MILK.

Milk is something that is produced in a very cruel way, the way I describe to a friend is that yes it is isn’t you eating an animal, but it is an animal bi-product. In essence, a cow is taken in it’s prime post child and milked, essentially tricking the cows body into thinking it is producing milk for it’s young. Take a person, you produce milk for your young as a women, if you express or breast feed, your milk continues to come, naturally, to feed your child. If you stop expressing, and stop feeding, what happens? The milk dries up. Because it is no longer in demand. The same approach happens with the cow. It is forcabelly made to produce milk for us humans, and not their children. For some reason this is okay. But what if human breast milk became a thing? Are we going to milk people that don’t feed their babies just so other people or animals can drink it?

In my mind, it’s absurd!

Some people don’t realise the amount of options there are out there and the fact the taste really doesnt change. I had a somewhat annoying encounter with this this week. My good friend came over for tea, she had milk in her tea, I had soy milk… I couldn’t remember which was mine. She tasted both several times… and couldn’t figure It out either (and she drinks multiple cups of dairy filled tea each day!) Madness. It really isn’t all that different and can actually enhance tea depending which milk you choose.

I generally opt for Soy Milk, but family members buy Almond Milk which is also nice (I prefer unsweetened, but if you normally take your tea with sugar, then sweetened Almond milk works well, also sweetened almond works well in baking, smoothies and cereals!)

Here’s a few alternative’s.. and believe me there are many many more!

Soy Milk

Hemp Milk

Flax Milk

Almond Milk

Coconut Milk

Rice Milk

Oat Milk

And the rest…!

These are easily available in all supermarkets (even in our little corner shops in the deep depths or Cornwall)

I generally go with Soy Milk as it is the most protein filled milk alternative (not that I need more protein as I get plenty from beans and greens, but that’s a whole other blog post!) One cup of soy milk has 7 grams of protein, yep you heard me, 7! It also has 75% more antioxidants than standard cows milk, it’s just as hearty, creamy and delicious too! It works well on cereals, raw desserts and tea! It also works well heated, so can be used for porridge, baking or savoury meals too.

If you can make any sense of taking a baby from his mother, and taking her milk for yourself then perhaps this post isn’t for you. I don’t normally like to express my opinions in this way, but it has been bothering me a lot lately! People seem to understand a vegetarian diet as it is animal cruelty but not that dairy is cruel in any way. When in reality these poor animals have their young taken, are hooked to machines half their lives, fed artificial foods full or hormones and kept in small poor living conditions, just for our selfish need for milk. Why? When there are so many cruelty free alternatives out there that nature can provide us with.

I’m just leaving this here in my little corner of the web, to hopefully make someone think… a little more about some of the choices they make.



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