A Magical Pony Named Steve….

A Magical Pony Named Steve….

You know how much I love to share my amazing vegan finds with you all? Well I have another to showcase, A pony called Steve! Yes, you heard me, fabulous name right?

Without even trying these products I loved this brand just because their branding, aesthetic and marketing is so fresh and new and “Kool”, yes I said “Kool” like I’m trying to be thirteen again.

Not only this but they are also cruelty free and made in the UK

So you like me are likely wandering who is Steve? Weirdly that was my first thought before I even looked at their cruelty free status, who the heck is Steve? Well Steve is a pony, obviously. A little Pony. Head over to their website to hear the full story.. But essentially he is a glorious figment of the imagination that escalated into the awesomeness that he now is… believe me, it will make more sense if you read the story!

Another thing I love about A Pony Called Steve is their emphasis on women power, a small start up business co founded by two beautiful ladies Emma and Aminah (With helpful little baby hands too!), it is always empowering to see women starting, creating and flourishing in their own new idea as well as being mums too!  #Mumgoals


They have a fab array of products which are mostly Vegan Friendly  (everything is vegan except the solid perfumes which contain beeswax and the bath fizz which contains milk, but they are changing this!) and I have been trying out two of them lately so I can give you a little feedback. I know hundreds of cruelty free brands but I love to try the products before recommending here on Emma Blogs Web, believe me there are some that just don’t hit the mark… but these ones did… hence we are here… obviously!

I’ve been trying out their glorious Green Opal Hand-wash.. and oh my, did this take me back to being like 10? Yes oh yes it did. This smells like green sweets. Like green pearl drops 🙂

It is 98% natural and vegan friendly of course. They have a vast array of different scents in the hand wash and they all sound fab! This one lathers super nicely and leave the hands clean.. most importantly apparently, but also smelling amazing, most importantly actually! This is now sitting proud as punch in my bathroom… slightly out the way of little hands, mostly just for me. Leah is at the phase where bottles are fun and she can paint colours on the floor with pharmaceuticals… not cool!


Another item I have tried out is the Pink Lemonade Candle. I’ve never tried pink lemonade, nor do I know if I like it, or what it tastes or smells like. But I can only imagine it smells like this, and if that is the case. I love it! It actually had given me the urge to go and get pink lemonade it smells that good! Again these are all vegan friendly and made from soy wax, in glass bottles. They are a good size and burn for roughly 30 hours.

I have to say this smells amazing when lit and when not. It burns fairly evenly and leaves the room smelling fabulous! I am in lemonade heaven. They have an array of fruity and floral scents, and I think I may need to try them all. There’s nothing better than snuggling on the sofa in the evening, having a freshly squeezed iced orange juice, lighting a load of candles and watching love island (don’t hate me, guilty pleasure!).

If you like a brand that is not only cruelty free with fab vegan options but also a brand with lots of fun, laughs and personality then give A pony called Steve a whirl… not literally.. he’s make believe remember…(Or is he?)

Much Love



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