What Can I Buy Urban Decay? Vegan Friendly List- UPDATED

What Can I Buy Urban Decay? Vegan Friendly List- UPDATED

Some of my most popular blog posts are my vegan lists of each brands vegan friendly products, so I figured I would do some more, updated revised and new lists for you all. Let me know below any other brands you would like me to look into and share with you all.

For my first edition I have redone the Urban decay Vegan list. Urban decay are cruelty free however do note that they do not have have a cruelty free parent company. I know many vegans who will and won’t use products from a cruelty free company if they are owned by someone like L’oreal for example, and this is a personal choice, so please bear that in mind. Urban decay do have a wide range of vegan products, pretty much one of each product is vegan, so you can create a full face of Urban Decay! They have a great shade range in their products too!


Vegan List

(**All shades below for each product are vegan unless individually stated**)













Hope this was helpful and let me know if you try anything!! I’d love to know how you get on! I’ve got my eye on the foundation and concealers on my next Wishlist!


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