Luxury Vegan Skincare ft. White Rabbit

Luxury Vegan Skincare ft. White Rabbit

I love to share amazing Cruelty free and vegan finds with you all and this is no exception. White Rabbit Skincare is a company I had not come across before and boy am I happy I have. They have a wonderful array of Vegan friendly skincare products for both men and women of all skin types. They are a luxury 100% vegan range.

Their products are all hand made in small batches to keep them fresh and of good quality. They have no Parabens, SLS, Silicones, Mineral Oils or derivatives of petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, colours or ingredients containing EDTA, or Phthalates and never tested on animals… woooo what a mouthful that was! Amazing to see that they are not only cruelty free but also ethically sourced, eco friendly and healthy for our skin!

Their packaging is all fully recyclable and they also have a great recycle scheme where if you send back your used product packaging they will give you 50p off your next order too!

I have been trying out a few of their products recently to let you guys know my thoughts, so here are my usual mini reviews for you all. Firstly I have been trying out the Comfort Cleansing Balm. As you all know by now I only use balms and oils for cleansing now followed by a second cleanse with a more regular face wash or cleaner. I find oils and balms in particular work so much more affectively if you are a makeup wearer like I am, as they work with your natural oils to break down make up and help remove this in a nonirritating way, it saves a lot of rubbing!! In particular it works well on the eyes to remove stubborn mascara which otherwise would irritate the eyes to remove. This balm is no exception, it worked wonderfully to break down makeup and wash the face, Paired with a flannel with warm water to remove the balm, it leaves the skin feeling clean, smooth and fresh. If you buy the 100ml size it actually comes with the flannel included! It comes in the handy little aluminium recyclable tin (which could also be cleaned out and reused if you didn’t want to recycle, I always find these handy for decanting things into when going away for the weekend or on holiday!).


Next up I have been giving the Lime and Coconut Cleansing water a try! Cleansing water is something I don’t use that often as generally I have found them to be quite drying on the skin. This one wasn’t! I’m assuming due to the mass amount of natural moisturising ingredients included in it! It is super handy if you don’t have time or the facilities to wash your face properly with water and a flannel, and can be used on cotton pads or wipes to remove your makeup. It works well at removing stubborn makeup too! And.. did I mention it smells heavenly!!

Another Item I have been trying is the Orange Blossom and Aloe Vera Toner. Toner is one product that I always find hard to buy, that is vegan and cruelty free, and easily accessible in the UK. For some reason there just doesn’t seem to be that many. So when this landed on my doorstep I was very happy indeed! This is to be used after cleansing the help remove the cleanser residue and excess sebum from the skin and to close pores, to prepare the skin for moisturising. I use this regularly after showers and even in the morning too for a quick skin refresh! It leaves the skin clear and clean (anyone who knows what toner does will understand how dirty the pads can come up even after cleansing and it makes you realise you missed a bit a lot of the time!!), this helps my skin to feel super clean and fully dirt free before applying my layers of skincare on top. I have enjoyed using this one and have added it to my little repurchase list!

Let’s talk about serums next… up to about the age of 25, I didn’t really take care of my skin at all and didn’t really see the point in all of these concoctions. Now I am getting older and the dryness is coming, the irritated skin, the lack of hydration, the wrinkles and frown marks. I understand now that part of having health glowing skin is not just preparing but also preventing. Not that you can prevent wrinkles but you can delay them some what with healthy hydrated skin. So serums are something that I really have been loving over the past few years and I was super happy to add this little beauty to my collection. This is the Olive and Avocado Call renewal serum. It claims to be liquid gold! It penetrates the skin to the lower levels to increase hydration for day and night. I have been using this before moisturising after cleansing and toning and have found it sinks into the skin wonderfully, pairs well with all the other White Rabbit products and others on my shelf, as I love to mix and match some times. It is a lovely texture which is not sticky at all and a little goes a really long way. This one feels truly luxurious!


Don’t forget White Rabbit are 100% cruelty free and vegan so you can shop with ease! They sell both large and small products and even a trial kit if you would like a little of everything!

Much Love



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