Regenerate Your Skin… ft Baie Botanique

Regenerate Your Skin… ft Baie Botanique

I love nothing more than sharing with you guys the amazing brands that I come into contact with, whether it be ones I have found myself or have found me! I recently came across a fabulous brand called Baie Botanique. They are an all natural brand formed by the lovely Sophie Oliver. She has 20 years experience in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and she also leads a plant based lifestyle, so combining her two passions, created a wonderful beauty brand with all natural ingredients, for healthy skin!

The products claim to help skin to feel more soft, supple, glowing and youthful, using the natural enhancing and beneficial ingredients that nature provides!

I have kindly been gifted some amazing anti-ageing skincare from the team from their Regenerate Skincare Line. They claim to help against anti-ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. We all know Rose is a key ingredient for helping to combat all these nasties so I had big hopes for them! All of Baie Botaniques products are suitable for Vegans, Gluten Free and are 100% cruelty free too. They are also licensed by PETA also for your piece of mind.

I have added a few mini reviews below of my first thoughts about three of their gorgeous products;


Regenerating Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This lovely serum is full of amazing plant based ingredients and is 80% Organic and 98% Natural.

It claims to aid cell renewal and regeneration. To tone, firm and restructure skin and help with fine lines and wrinkles. It should leave the skin lighter, brighter and softer with a healthy glow!

I have been using this for the past few weeks after toning and have to say I love it! I knew I would as I do like a rose product. I used rose products a lot a little while back as they worked really well for fighting acne (as you may have seen I suffered horrendously with hormonal acne after having my second child), so I already had super high hopes for this little bottle of joy.

It sinks into the skin beautifully, it is super light and not too sticky or oily feeling on the skin, it is a light gel formula. I can state it leaves a lovely healthy glow and has again worked well on my sensitive skin and breakouts. I can’t claim massively it’s anti-ageing impact as I do not have very bad wrinkles or too many fine lines (thank goodness!) but I am developing a frown line and have noticed when my skin is well moisturised with products such as these that it looks less prominent. A little of this goes a really long way too!

I have really enjoyed using this as part of my daily routine and intend to carry on doing so. It can be used morning and evening as a base before moisturising.


Regenerating Eye Cream

I was very happy to receive this bottle in the post as I have been on the hunt for another eye cream to replace my Larocca one that is almost all gone (although I loved this one, I also love trying out new things), a good Vegan, Cruelty free and natural eye cream seems hard to come by, especially one that sinks into the skin quickly. I have very sensitive eyes, especially this time of year, those who know me know how awful my hayfever is and when I say its severe, it is.. I am somewhat bed bound when my hay fever attacks come! So I need not a lot around the eye area in ways of creams and lotions that will irritate them. But at the same time I am having to take so many eye drops and wet flannels on my eyes they do get sore and sometimes dry.

This one is 70% Organic and 100% natural, a definite plus! It is collagen boosting and wrinkle repairing. It contains Edelweiss stem cells, rich omega 3&6 red algae, pure plant and fruit oil and botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid. It claims to leave the skin smoother, tighter and revitalised. I can vouch that this did not hurt my eyes at all. It sinks into the skin wonderfully quickly and leaves my eyes feeling moisturised and smooth, even when I’m feeling and looking as rough as I do in my worst flare ups! I don’t have excessive eye wrinkles so I cannot claim on it’s wrinkle helping properties, but I do think it is very important to keep skin healthy and moisturised to help prevent (well, not prevent, but delay at least) the signs of ageing!


Regenerating Face Cream

To Finish of the routine I have been trying out the regenerating face cream. Again it is highly natural at 98% and 70% organic.

This one claims to smooth, hydrate and from skin, restoring comfort and elasticity. To leave the skin revitalised and radiant and combat ageing by suppressing and deactivating the affect of damaging free radicals! Since going mostly makeup free this week due to the dreaded hay fever (which is meant to be awful for the next free weeks, god help me!) I have been focusing more on my skincare. I don’t often like to leave the house makeup free because I struggle with my skin and confidence in myself. It is very sore, red and irritated at times, and the slightest things will make me break out, a different makeup or skincare routine for example, a really awful takeaway that I shouldn’t eat (but totally enjoyed) and so forth. Finding good skincare is hard, especially when you want it to be healthy for your skin, natural and cruelty free (and vegan too!), however this moisturiser in particular seems to work beautifully with my dodgy skin type! It is smoothing, moisturising and the rose formula really does brighten my skin tone and help to tone down the natural redness that my fair skin has. I would certainly recommend it.

I have really enjoyed trying out these new products and they have now become a part of my daily routine! I would certainly recommend the brand to friends, it has amazing products, lovely branding and a great message to send to everyone. Look after your skin!

Much Love



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