My Work Desk Top Essentials…

My Work Desk Top Essentials…

Although there are many many things scattered on my new desk. Some are total staples. So I figured I  would share with you some of my workplace staples I couldn’t be without, that each time they run out, will be replaced again and again.

One thing I carry everywhere I go without fail is lipbalm. I have one on my bedside, my bathroom, my handbag and my office desk is no exception. As im getting older I am realising the key to healthy skin is to keep it clean and moisturised, to keep it hydrated just like out bodies.
My current go to lip balms are the Dr Paw Paw balms. They are amazing for hydrating skin and lips. I have the handy squeezy tube sat on my desk side for as and when my lips need some love! Moisturising and smoothing, not sticky at all. I have done a full review of the balms so head HERE to read more details!

Another item i have fallen for is hand cream (You may have read my hand cream obsession post a week or so ago explaining all about the amazing hand creams created by the brand Peppermint Grove Australia! My mum is a true hand cream addict, before now I didn’t see the obsession. Now I work in a similar style of work I see why she used them so much. Using a keyboard all day, writing and maintaining paperwork. Washing your hands and then touching paper, does anyone else find that horrid? Maybe one of my weird pet peves! Anyway… washing my hands more often in the workplace as well as dealing with paperwork and working with my hands all day, I find the water and soaps here make my hands super dry. This led me to bring a large bottle of hand cream to work, and I’m not sure why it hasn’t always lived here! The one I currently have living on my desk is the Oceania from Peppermint Grove Australia, again I did a very recent post on their product so feel free to go check that one out!

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, TEA! I was kindly gifted some amazing tea’s to try back at Christmas time, lots of delicious herbal and fruity teas, I am still working my way through them. I did stop drinking tea for a while at the start of the year, but in an office environment where I am constantly surrounded by cakes, biscuits and bakes, smells of coffee and toast… I just really have that erge to drink something hot! Herbal and fruit teas are a perfect way to heat up your insides and get that lovely warm belly feeling without the un-needed calories and nasties. It is a fab healthier alternative to caffeine full teas and coffees. I am currently drinking the We Are Tea collection, the Vanilla imparticular is what is sat on work desk currently, soon to be replaced with We are Tea’s Green Tea!

I know teabags are controversial due to waste, however I unfortunatly don’t have the facilities here for loose leaf tea. We are tea are an amazing alterantive due to the fact they are Ethically and British made. They have also won 49 great taste awards! Safe to say they make an amazing cuppa!
They also have no plastic and are made from corn starch which are 100% biodegradable… this making them possibly the best alternative to loose leaf tea out there.

So there you have it, my top three desk top essentials (Obviously I am talking about wants and needs and not necessities here, as well… my computer is my top essential, but you know what i mean!)
What are your daily essentials that you couldn’t live without?

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