Protecting Those Freckles! ft. Green People

Protecting Those Freckles! ft. Green People

Green People have always been one of my go to brands due to the fact they are Cruelty free with an amazing amount of vegan friendly products! Green People have been running for over 20 years now?? Happy Birthday Green People!

They have no harsh chemicals, SLS, phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohol or sythetic fragrance and never test on animals. Right up my street!

I’ve recently been trying out a few of their products so figured I would share them with you guys too!

The British weather  just doesn’t seem to know what it’s up to at the minute does it? First we had Storm Emma (sorry about that 😉 then we had massive heat waves, then the glorious Cornish weather that doesn’t know what it’s doing full stop. SO at the moment we are getting lovely sunshine, then fog, then rain, then downpours! So I’ve made a point to pop some sun cream for us all in my bag regardless because you never quite know whats coming, and if you are super pale and have gorgeous freckles like this;

Then you need some sun cream to protect your fragile skin. Both of the little ones have super sensitive very light skin which burns very easily. Therefore I need something gentle on their skin but with maximum affect. Green people have a huge array of fabulous sun creams for both adults and children! I’ve recently been using the Organic Children’s Aloe Vera Lotion and After Sun on them both after we have been out and about to rehydrate their skin. It is super smooth and soft on their skin and is even suitable for little ones with eczema and psoriasis! I love this little tube of joy. My son gets super dry skin on his arms and elbows so we even use this as a moisturiser for after bath times. I personally also love Aloe Vera gels for moisturising after showering and shaving. They are so cooling and moisturising! If you haven’t I would certianly give it a go!


The Suncream I am currently using for my irritated, red and grumpy skin, is the Sun Lotion with Tan Accerlarator from Green People. It has 3 Layer sun protection, factor 15, UV filters, antioxidants and sun tan accelerator. It effectively helps you to get a tan quicker and helps it to last longer! Definitely a need.. my legs are whiter than white.. I am a ghost! So a little added tan there (in a healthy way) couldn’t go a miss! This suncream is super moisturising, not sticky at all and I’ve had no issues with white marks at all! Bonus. It is also water repellant so great for those early morning workouts (because I totally do that right?)!


They are certified Organic, Ethically made, Fairly Traded, Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly!

I would certainly recommend Green People to anyone looking for amazing vegan friendly and ethical beauty products! They have a fab array of products to choose from and they are all clearly labelled Vegan if they are which makes for easy shopping!

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