Crafternoon Tea, Hen Party Style!

Crafternoon Tea, Hen Party Style!


I have my best friends wedding coming up and I really wanted to through her the most amazing hen party! She is creative, unique and specifically requested no inflatables of any kind. So we decided to go with an Art themed afternoon tea (Crafternoon tea 😉 catchy ey?) and then night out with cocktails and dancing for those who were able! I was a little worried as a lot of the guests, me included, are not the most creative in the world but actually all the ideas went down a storm and everyone got really involoved and enjoyed themselves. So I figured I would share with you some of the ideas I came up with and the decorations we used!

We held the do at my parents home as they have a good sized kitchen (Saving us lots of money on room hire!) and we dec’d the place out beautifully.

We used some beautiful items from talking table Chintzy range which fit the afternoon tea theme beautifully. Firstly we had their plates  These were stunning, vintage style with gold shiny accents. They were perfect for the excess about of scones and cakes we all ate! Along side these we had the napkins, perfect for mopping up spills, cleaning faces and for when we were painting too! As well as these for decoration we also had the beautifully flat packable Chintz cupcake stand. This work wonderfully for all the little buns my mum had handmade!

We also used some of their items as decorations, we had the gorgeous table cloths, which were white with blue and pink vintage rose designs! Stunning!

I also used the cups and saucers as decorations, rather than using them for hot drinks which I think is probably their purpose 😉 I used them as table decorations and filled them with pens, pencils and crayons to be practical yet pretty decorations!

We also had the Truly Chintz bunting, as well a personalised Kayleighs Hen Banner and some generic Mr to Mrs banners too!

As well as this we bought a few bits from a pound shop and B and M’s, like little wooden items to scatter on the tables, balloons and more cups! All in all it was a budget friendly and fun do! We were originally planning to do Life Drawing, as we felt this would be a good creative and fun thing to do, however the prices were very very intense!

To top it all off we had the Bride to Be Sash, there had to at least be one small bit of novelty in this do of course! This is a non garish, non pink, non in your face sash, elegant and beautiful for the bride 🙂



Here’s all the party ideas we came up with and tried out! Let me know if you try any of them!!

  1. Design a Dress

This game was the first we played and it went down as a great ice breaker, we made wedding dresses out of toilet roll. You heard me… toilet roll. No glue, no sellotape, just loo roll! Each person had one toilet roll and split into teams of 5 or 6, and picked one ‘Bride’ and created her (or him) a wedding dress, It was a massive giggle to see our creations walk down the catwalk and got us all talking and mingling nicely!


2. Pictionary

Perhaps an obvious one for an art themed party! We stole an easel from the kids and bought some markers. I looked up Wedding themed movies (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Runaway Bride, The Wedding singer, just to mention a few!) and I popped them in a bowl and in our teams we went about a pictionary game of attempting to draw for our team to guess. Safe to say it was super amusing!


3. Draw the Bride!

As the title says, everyone had a go at drawing the bride whilst myself and the bride made another round of tea (yes I put the hen to work at her own party!), she then picked a winner and guessed who drew which picture!

4. Gingerbread Brides

Another super quick easy idea, grab some gingerbread men, some icing and sprinkles and create mini brides and grooms. This was good fun but to be honest all I really  made was a giant mess!!

5. Sculpting

Next we had some silk clay and sculpted mini wedding cakes of all colours shapes and sizes, and some things that well, didn’t really look like cakes at all! Silk clay is fab as it dries in just a few hours and now the hen has some lovely momento’s to keep (although I’m not sure what on earth she would be doing with them haha!)


6. Painting Blocks

Next I bought some wooden letters for us all to paint. We painted them however we wanted but in Her wedding colours, so that in theory they could potentially be used for decorations at the wedding reception, depending how awful a job we all did! I purchased a Mr & Mrs, and The Oakleys (which will be her married name!) and they went down nicely.

We also had a gorgeous colour-in able table cloth so in-between, cakes, tea and chatting we could have a little doodle too!


Have you been to any creative or unique themed parties lately? I love a good party. Although this seemed like a childs party, and to be fair my son would love it at age 7, it actually worked really well for adults too! After the party we headed to the local big town (I say local, it’s an hour away because we live in the middle of no where!), we had too many drinks and too big a hangover the next day. But it was a once in a lifetime amazing day and evening!


Give some of the games a go and let me know how you get on!!

Much Love




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