Ere Perez Natural Makeup

Ere Perez Natural Makeup

Ere Perez is a makeup brand that I use on an almost daily basis, and lately, daily! They create natural makeup that is actually good for your skin! They use only beautiful premium quality materials. They claim to be nourishing, natural and cruelty free!

I was kindly gifted a few of their products recently and I have to say they have become firm staples in my beauty regime! Now I am back to work all I need is something that helps me look fresh and glowy all day long, something simple yet effective.

One of my favourites I have recently tried out is the Chamomile Eye Palette. They come is 4 varieties (beautiful, pretty, lovely and gorgeous!) I have the one named Pretty. Is is the most beautiful eye palette, it is small and sleek and perfectly transportable, with 6 good sized shadows. They are all beautiful and blend together nicely, you can create a whole host of wonderful looks with them, from a simple everyday to a much more smokey look.

I am not the best at describing colours but I will try my best! The first is a lovely yellow toned shimmer shade, perfect for highlighting or an all over colour. The next is a matt light brown, perfect for smoking out your look or using in the crease, and even as an eyebrow colour if it suits! The next is a light shimmer pink, the fourth is a more peachy rose pink. The fifth shade I would describe as more of a cooper shade then the final is a matt plum shade.

I have used this on a daily basis as my go to work look, I often use a shimmer shade on the lid, add the little highlight in the tear duct and under the brow and smoke it out with the black or the plum, sometime lining my eyes with the plum and it look effortless and easy! The perfect go to work look! These shadows are a lovely consistency and the pigment is good. They blend beautifully together and into other eye shadows! Certainly a lovely little palette. Another amazing thing, is that these are reusable, so you can pop out the individual palettes when you are done and buy refills! Eco friendly is always a positive in my book (These will be available to purchase mid 2018 so keep your eyes out for those)!

I also have the beautiful bronzer in the shade Roma. This is a Rice powder Blush and Bronzer and claims to be ideal for anyone. It can be used on clear skin or over foundation.

I was sceptical with this one, as you all know I am the palest of pale and when something claims to suit all complexions I am normally the exception! But I have to say it surprised me. I only need a little however this Bronzer blends into the skin beautifully! It is not too orange toned and it blends away to nothing, meaning even on my palest of skin I can get a lovely glowing look without looking streaky. I was very impressed! The fact it is a two in one blush bronze is also amazing as it is an eco friendly money saver once again. Personally for me the blush is a little warm toned, and works well as a bronze on my skin tone anyway, so I mix the two to make one bronze shade for all over the face. I’ve also used this for eye creases and it sits beautifully! It has again plain subtle packaging and a wonderful mirror making it amazing for travel. It is wonderfully soft and smooth and doesn’t clog the pores at all, it has to be one of the lightest breathable face products I’ve come across!

To apply the Bronzer I used one of their stunning face brushes. Can I just stop a second to tell you how much I love these! Their brushes are all Vegan friendly and cruelty free and they have to be the softest brushes I have ever owned. They are ridiculously soft, and they apply makeup wonderfully. The Blush and bronze brush inparticular is a lovely shape with just the right amount of dense and pliable bristels. It glides makeup on effortlessly and lets face it, it’s stunning to! It has eco friendly white packaging and has white bristle’s with the dipped grey look. It has Vegan bristles and a biodegradable corn resin handle! Again its a great compact size for carrying around!

The second brush I have been dying for lately is the Eco Vegan Line and Blend brush. I love a good blender! I have one currently which I have used to death so this was a very welcome and needed replacement. This one is double ended so you have the blender on one side, which is a lovely round fluffy brush and the other end is the liner brush. I find this perfect for applying eyeshadows, imparticular buffing out the crease and creating smokey looks. I have also used the liner end with both wet, gel and shadows to create liners and it has worked amazingly. I mostly use this for smoking out the bottom lash line. Again it’s made with eco friendly biodegradable materials!

I’ve been using Ere Perez products for a solid few years now and I have to say they have not let me down yet! Some of my favourites are the Vanilla Creme Highlight and also they do amazing waterproof natural mascaras too! I would certainly recommend having a sneaky look on their website if you haven’t done so!

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