Feeling Fruity? My Go To Balm… Dr.Paw Paw

Feeling Fruity? My Go To Balm… Dr.Paw Paw

Anyone who knows me will know my love for lip balm, I carry one wherever I go! Lipbalm is one thing that I have always found hard to purchase since becoming vegan and cruelty free, they always seem to contain some form of beeswax. So I was delighted to find Dr Paw Paw products! They have a lovely array of pawpaw (Papaya) based balms to help with dry lips, skin and nails… well anywhere really! Papaya is a proven ingredient to help heal skin and is known as one of the best natural medicines around. The best thing is all their products are 100% Vegan and Peta Approved, so you can shop in peace with no worries in the world, they also sell in batches too to save money if you are a Dr.PawPaw fanatic like me! Not only this but they are of course chemical free, non-toxic, ethically sourced and made from recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

The first available product was the Original Balm, it’s there best selling product and I can see why! It can be used on all the above places, I personally use it mostly for lips, I carry this around with me, for work and play and use it throughout the day. It’s an amazing. Product that keeps the lips hydrated and soft, but not sticky. It is in a handy squeeze tube (which I always find is much more hygenic than little pots)!

The original balm was so successful that they have brought out an array of other variations! Theres the Dr.PawPaw tinted peach pink balm, this one has as expected a hint of peach! It does all the same amazing benefits of the original balm with a hint of peachy pink. This looks fab if you are wanting a touch of colour on the lips and it also works really nicely as a peachy cream blush!

They also have the Ultimate Red Balm, which as it says on the tin is the same as the original balm but with a classic red colour.

The newest addition to Dr.PawPaw is their Shea Butter Balm (the blue one). This one is made from a whole host of natural ingredients such as Papaya and Shea Butter. Papayas natural healing properties combined with Shea Butter’s natural moisturising properties, this really is a match made in heaven!

I have fallen for this product and take one wherever I go now, I have one in my handbag, one on my makeup stand and one in my car! I cannot be without this balm. I have used it as a moisturiser, lip balm, on heels, on my childrens dry skin and also the tinted variety as cream makeup. I have to say I have enjoyed using them all. I especially love the Yellow Original Balm as a Lip Balm, daily… and The Shea Butter Balm for moisturising! A little of this goes a really long way with all varieties, so I know this product is going to last ages!! I have really enjoyed using all of them and would certainly recommend them to anyone!

Have a little gander over on their website for more info! You won’t be disappointed with the quality of these little power house tubes of moisture!

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