Little Blue Power Houses!

Little Blue Power Houses!

Who’s heard the massive hype about these little blue balls? It’s crazy right? To think something so small and simple can be labelled as a superfood!


Blueberries are a fruit that I haven’t really eaten all that much over the years however now they have this amazing superfood status I figured I would incorporate them into my diet a little more!

They are an amazing source of Vitamin K and also Vitamin C. They have huge levels of antioxidants too! The high antioxidant level also leads to alleviation in Inflammation, which helps battle those nasty diseases such as cancers and autoimmune conditions and heart disease.

They claim to help brain health too!

When trying to aid weight loss on a plant based diet these are a great snack food too as they are low calorie and a super sweet treat! They give a huge 3.6g of fibre per cup which will keep you feeling fuller for longer! This is not only satiating, it is also leading to better digestive health.

Blueberries are packed full of amazing nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Including only 84 calories per cup and up to 36% of your daily vitamin K and 25% of your daily vitamin C (in just one cup!)

I love to use blueberries to top any form of cereal bowl, oatmeal, porridge or pudding! They taste great in smoothies and nice cream too! Here are some amazing Raw Vegan Blueberry Based recipes I reckon you’ll love!

These Blueberry Lemon Cheesecakes are to die for, more of a cake person, why not try Fake Baking up some of these Blueberry Cupcakes?

Handy Tip; I often buy my berries (all berries) frozen, they are often much cheaper frozen here in the Uk. Most are fresh and frozen, but be sure to check for additives and sugars added! Most supermarkets do a range of frozen berries!

Hope your enjoying my mini fruit series, let me know if there are nay specific Fruity Vegan posts you’d like to see!

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