My Go To Ethical Spring Look

Firstly lets get something straight, it may be coming up spring, but my goodness it is not sunny.. or warm… I am sat writing this wrapped in a blanket cooking a hot lunch and staring out the window to what I can only describe as MIZZLE… like drizzle… but misty… the kind that gets you absolutly soaked… I am not looking forward to the school run later on!

Anywho, I figured I would share with you guys one of the outfits I have been reaching for most lately! I like to dress as eco and ethically as I can, to be honest most of my wardrobe could be described as ethical as it is I would say 75% second hand, 20% passed down, 3% gifted and a small 2% I probably bought myself! I think this outfit encompasses pretty much all of those categories!

Firstly I like to start off with my go to solid base, and that’s a pair of skinny jeans, I pretty much live in skinny jeans and it is one of the things I do buy myself. A great brand for Ethical Skinny Jeans are Monkee! I’m yet to purchase a pair but I’ve heard fabulous reviews and they are an amazing brand from the research I have done. The pair I have here are I think a Tesco pair, I also have a Next pair… and that is it… I have two pairs I rotate and once they are worn to the point of holes I will get a new pair (Normally from a carboot sale or second hand shop).

Secondly I normally pair it with a plain top, this one is a lightweight chiffon type top that I also got at the carboot for like 50p or something (can we appreciate how fabulous carboots are??!) It’s plain black and flowy, which nicely hides that jelly belly, mum tum… what ever you prefer to call it!

Thirdly I go for an oversized cardigan. Anyone who knows me will know I live in these too! I have three or four of them, some I bought myself after having my son (You heard me, thats 7 years ago!) and they are still going strong, some I was kindly gifted! The one here is a long line cardigan with a grey and black mix thread. This was a Christmas gift, and I can tell I am going to get so much use out of it!

Now for accessories, a plain outfit needs a few accessories right?

Firstly I went for these stunning Emi Earrings. Emi are another great ethical fashion brand (P.S on the way to becoming PETA approved, go EMI!) they have a vast variety of pieces, from these gorgeous feathers to much more out there stand out pieces! I love these as they are silver toned which I wear mostly, and they have a little pop of turquoise which is one of my favourite colours. They really go with a lot of my styling and outfits! They are understated, but beatifully unique. I love them!

Also this little house has been sat on my shelf for a year with no purpose other than gathering dust.. I think I just figured out a use for it finally?!


Along with these I have paired the look with a pashmina scarf in a nice aqua colour (handed down to me by my sister! Does anyone else’s family do that, when they don’t want anything they give it to you and basically say if you dont want it chuck it? I swear I never leave my parents house empty handed these days, with piles of stuff for me and the kids from the local carboots, totally appreciative of course! My sister gave me about 5 or 6 of these pashminas and they are perfect for the spring/autumn when you want a scarf but it’s not too cold!)

Finally I have popped on these gorgeous boots from Wills London. They have the most beautiful luxury boots and shoes you may ever see. I have their Chealsea boots too which are hazelnut and I literally live in them.. one year on and they still look amazing. Great quality and totally worth the price! The ones above are a beautiful sueded feel, grey, desert boots. I have only had these ones a short while and so far I am loving them, everyone comments on how beaut they are too! A smart statement I think! Again they go with so many outfits and are perfect for Springtime walks around the coast! Im looking forward to wearing these in a lot more!

So there you have it, my second hand, ethical, gifted and super comfy spring time go to outfit!

Do you have any tips and tricks to shop ethically? Or a favourite ethical brand you think I should try out?! I’d love to know 🙂

Much Love



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