Mother’s Day Blueberry Yoghurt Bark

Mother’s Day Blueberry Yoghurt Bark

It’s mothers day this coming week and I have been on the hunt for an eco friendly and ethical present. My parents are always the ones who don’t ever need or want for anything and also don’t want me to spend money on them. Who has one of those? Annoying isn’t it!

Anyway, I decided to make a little something this year. Knowing my mum loves blueberries I dove into my chocolate stash (vegan of course) and found some Pacari Blueberry Chocolate…. This led me to have a little play and create a lovely pudding for Mother’s day! Blueberry Yoghurt Bark. This is sweet, creamy and moreish, it can be adapted to any flavour you wish and decorated with whatever you prefer!

What You Need

-A small tub or tray

-Plain Yoghurt (Vegan/Dairy Free, any flavours can work well too!)

-Sweetner of choice (I went for agave)

-Blueberry Chocolate (I used the Pacari Andean Blueberry)

-Handful of Blueberries


What You Do

Step 1; Take your tub or tray and chuck in a handful of fresh blueberries (Frozen will be fine too!)

Step 2; Add on top your plain vegan yoghurt, and mix them together.
Step 3; Add in a few big tablespoons of sweeter of choice, and mix in slightly

Step 4; Grate your Blueberry chocolate (I used about 3 squares to half a pot of yoghurt) Add 3/4 of this in and mix.

Step 5; Flaten the top of the mixture and squeeze on another bit of sweetner and the chuck on the remaining chocolate (You could even leave chocolate chunks, more fruit or whole choc pieces on top if you would like!)

Step 6; Freeze for a few hours.


Best eaten around half an hour after taking out of the freezer 🙂

This is such a quick, simple and easy recipe. Especially for those mums who want for nothing except the thought you put into it!


You know how I said earlier about varieties of flavours? I also made one using the Pacari Cranberry Chocolate 🙂

This time plain yoghurt with just the cranberry chocolate, a handful of chopped strawberries and sweetner…. Because it is mothers day of course, and as the blueberry one is not for me… I had to have one for a treat for myself too! If only my kids were old enough to make them for me… maybe next year!


As you will have realised by now one of my favourite Chocolate brands is Pacari! They are Eco Friendly, Ethically made and of course Vegan Friendly. I wanted to let you know about their current Mothers Day Chocolate tasting Kit. I was lucky enough to try the kit a while back and I have to say it is absolutley delicious! So if you are after a special Vegan friendly Ethical gift this mothers day be sure to pop an order in to Pacari!

The kit is £14.99 and includes 3 100% organic chocolate bars. Los Rios, Andean Mint and Passionfruit are the three you will recieve and all three have won prestigeous international silver awards!

As well as the amazing kit above they have lots of amazing gift sets available ranging from £15-50 with a huge variety of bars and flavours! I would certainly love to receive one this mother’s day!

What are your plans next weekend?

Much Love


**Please note this is not a sponsored post, however I was kindly gifted some delicious chocolate to make these recipes**

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