My Everyday Go To Foundation- Bare Face Minerals

My Everyday Go To Foundation- Bare Face Minerals

I have recently been on the hunt for a lightweight but full coverage foundation when I stumbled across this beauty! Bare Face Minerals. They have an amazing range of natural mineral makeup from foundations right through to eyeshadows and even brushes!

The products are scientifically blended to create pure and natural products.

They are also of course 100% cruelty free and vegan approved! Happy shopping for me!

Due to a lack of chemical and natural ingredients these products promote healthy skin and can be used on all skin types, even sensitive and dry skin.

IMG_2099_Fotor I have recently been trying out their Full Coverage Mineral Foundation and I am in love 😉

This foundation has recently become my go to makeup! I haven’t been the healthiest over January, which I really should have been! My skin has really suffered. I have breakouts, lots of horrid pores and redness and I have been really looking for something that Is lightweight yet still high coverage and this does just that.

Heres a picture of my not so stunning face after being ill all week… makeup on one side, and one without, this is with no colour correcting, primer, concealer, just the Full coverage foundation.

27787327_10155251810585866_1171050910_o_FotorI have to say it doesn’t cover every flaw, especially my panda bear circle and deepest of spots, but it does a pretty damn good job of covering my redness, evening my skin tone and covering most of my imperfections. It takes away a lot of the sallow colour around my eyes and lifts them. Making me look much more awake and alive (not that I’ve felt it at all this past week!)

I am really impressed with this one. It is ideal for when you have limited time in the morning but want to look somewhat put together. I quite often slap a little of this on in the morning before the school run for that ‘I just got out of bed, not looking like your wearing any makeup look’.

It is soft, gentle and doesn’t block my pores. It is also stuck in place, yet breathable as well and it seems to last really well throughout the day (it is also top usable and blendable too!) Bare Face Minerals Foundation, Plus a little brow pencil, lip balm, a neutral matte eyeshadow and a little mascara, and wallah.. my everyday makeup for during the week!

This little pot of beauty is around the £15 mark (£14.98 to be precise). It is a small little tub however a little of this really does go a long way. Like I said I have been using this daily and I have yet to make much of a dent in it at all. It works lovely layered over primers and moisturisers and I have used all my normal products over it also with no issues at all. When I feel I need that more covered look I simply prime, then pop some concealer on my under eyes and any imperfections, then cover with the foundation and it gives a flawless totally full coverage look!

It claims to cover acne, rosacea, birth marks blemishes and uneven skin tone. It’s oil free. Has no fillers, dyes, alcohol or preservatives. It even has SPF 15! Always a plus when your ghost white like me! (P.s I used shade Nude, their lightest shade and it worked wonderfully!)

It is best applied with the Optimum Face Foundation Powder Brush, which I was also kindly sent over.

It’s currently reduced from £15.49 to £9.98 so be sure to grab it now if you want to try it!

It really is the perfect mineral foundation/powder brush. It is dense and packs on the foundation, but also fluffy to buff it out nicely! It is ridiculously soft and feels super luxurious. I’ve been using this with other powders too and all in all it is an amazing addition to my brush collection. It works wonderfully!

It is of course synthetic hairs so vegan friendly and has a premium birch wood handle. It is a simple black and white classic design and a really good size!

I have to say all in all I am really loving this foundation, it’s the perfect lightweight, skin friendly alternative to a full coverage foundation. For someone like me with insecurities about my skin, this really helps me to feel covered and happy, yet not damage my skin further. I would certainly recommend it and intend on trying more of their products soon!

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