Thoughtful Gift and Wrapping Idea this Christmas

Thoughtful Gift and Wrapping Idea this Christmas

As you can tell I’m all about the gift ideas at the moment here on the old blog. When Christmas rolls around one thing I always do every year is print out 100’s of photos! One set for me, one for my sister and one for my parents of all the photos of the whole family for the whole year! Crazy I know but I am one of those people that has multiple photo albums everywhere and every memory I’ve ever made contained in them.. I am a visual person and love to look back at these memories! When I was contacted by Life Cake regarding their online photo platform and Photobooks I was super excited to try them out!

Lifecake as a platform is for visual story telling. A place where you can upload photos of those beautiful little (and large) people in your life, to store and relive beautiful memories. You can share them with Friends and Family near and far!

I love the concept behind the idea and the brand as I can imagine many families like my own have family scattered around the UK, and even the world! And Lifecakes creates a little space not he big wide web to share your memories with these loved ones.

They also provide a lovely print service in the form of Photo Books. They are £33.99 for 24 pages.  With free world wide delivery. So why not print those photos and ship them to your loved ones too!

IMG_1886_FotorI was kindly gifted a photo book, and loved it so much I ordered another!

The prints came out beautifully! It is a 24 page book, with a front cover you can print on. Each page can also hold up to 4 photos with various sizes and layouts, I love that you can literally make this book totally your own.

IMG_1884_FotorSo this Christmas I am gifting Life Cake Photo Books to my sister and mum instead of the standard prints they normally get and I think they are going to love them!!

To add an even more personal touch I found this amazing Pretty Gifted Wrapping paper… as all the photos are of the little ones I figured I would have them make their own wrapping paper and then I saw these guys and thought what a fab idea that is! They are a personalised gift wrap shop!

You can change the colour, font, writing and even add little logos like balloons and trees.

I opted for the Peppermint Paper, with Silver Writing,

IMG_1888_FotorAnd wrote “Merry Christmas Love From Tyler and Leah” (and a little xmas tree emoji!)

It’s a great addition to personalise your presents in the most beautiful and thoughtful way! The paper is a really good size and amazing quality. The colour is right up my street, no surprise I went for mint green right? and the foiled writing gives it a lovely subtle look. Obviously you can go for much more bold colours and designs, but I think this fits our aesthetic perfectly, and who says Christmas has to be green and red…. it’s the modern day right!


So this years present is an amazing Photo Book from Lifecake wrapped in Personalise Paper from Pretty Gifted. I don’t think you can get more personal that that can you? I love gifting products like this as I think it gives a more thoughtful approach and shows your loved ones you have really put time and effort into their gifts. I would love to receive one of these and think a lot of people would feel the same. Theres nothing better than a personal loving gift!

Hope your all having a brilliant Festive Period!

Much Love


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