Vegan Friendly Christmas Goodies ft. Hotel Chocolat

Vegan Friendly Christmas Goodies ft. Hotel Chocolat

It’s Christmassssss… almost! And that means… Chocolate. Of Course. Who doesn’t eat way to much Chocolate at Christmas time… if you don’t then well, your not normal. Since going vegan a lot of people keep saying I can’t eat chocolate. I will have you know, yes… yes I can! Thanks to many brands having Dark chocolate or vegan friendly varieties I can indulge as much as I want! P.s! Don’t forget to check out my Chocolate Vegan Guide To Christmas too!

IMG_1828_FotorI was actually recently kindly gifted some beautiful and delicious vegan chocolate to try from Hotel Chocolat and here are my thoughts!

The first I have been sent is the Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar. It includes solid 70% dark chocolate characters such as reindeers, snowmen and penguins amongst others! It is beautiful to look at, it  is grey with white snow scenes on it and behind each numbered door there is a little chocolate and a quote to brighten your day. The advent calendar is one of the best sellers and I can clearly see why which is why I am so happy they now have a Vegan friendly one! I have tried the chocolates, yes I know, it’s not December yet but I had to try them so I knew right? They were delicious as I expected. Smooth and rich and a tad bitter which is how dark chocolate should be! A great luxurious calendar for this December!

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I also tried the Dark Chocolate Jolly Santa

As you would expect this is an amazing dark chocolate version of their chocolate santa, he is large and hollow and beautifully made. With an immense amount of detail, he looks to good to eat… but did that stop me? No.. haha. Of course not! Sorry Santa.


Yule Buche Dark

This Yule log is exactly that, a literal log. I expected this to be hollow however it isn’t, it is one large solid 70% dark chocolate log. It is Praline with almonds and hazelnuts. It is absolutley delicious. You only need the tiniest piece of this to get your chocolatey cravings gone!

It is also shaped like an actual log, how awesome is that?



Their chocolate snowflakes also come in the vegan friendly chocolate version. These come as a set of two and they are so intricately detailed they are literally stunning. They are very rich dark chocolate and a little of these goes a really long way. These would make an amazing gift or even stocking fillers. And also an amazing topper for a special Christmas cake perhaps?!

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I am so happy to see that such an amazing large scale chocolate brand such as Hotel Chocolat has taken the initiative to cater for all dietary requirements and it really is a step forward that I think all brands should be looking to take. These products are absolutely delicious and amazing to indulge with this Festive season. If you are after a little gift for someone or even a sneaky impulse buy for yourself then you wont be disappointed! These are great quality and great tasting too!

Much Love



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