Vegan Friendly Stocking Filler Ideas; Under £5!

Vegan Friendly Stocking Filler Ideas; Under £5!

I have has requests this year for a Vegan Friendly Stocking fillers guide, or cheap vegan gift ideas! So here we have it, a little guide to tell you some of my favourite under £5 finds that I believe most vegans would love to have gifted to them this Christmas! Some of these items you may have seen in my Vegan Christmas gift guide and some are brand new 🙂

First up is The Dirty vegans. I love their store, it has the most amazing array of giftable items from soaps to bath-bombs to all things smelly! Some of my favourites this season are the Christmas Snowman floating Bath Melt for just £3.25 and the Dead Sea bath Bomb Cupcake at just £3.20! Another great item of theirs I have been trying out lately is the Peppermint Lime Foot Pumice. It smells so so good!


Buying for someone more crafty or homely? How about some of Ink Bison- Gina Andrews design pieces. She has the most beautiful hair clips available at the moment with lots of animals and bugs on! And also her beautiful small note books at just £3.50 each.. I literally use this daily! She also does a Vegan specific Gift Badge for just £2.00!

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Pins are really in at the moment so another brand I would suggest are Pin Head. They have some lovely cruelty free gift badges. My favourites are the Fantastic Mr fox ones and the Fox and Rabbit Badges. They are so beautiful and unique!

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How about Prints? I love a good print and I think a good print rolled up into a cracker, or even in a little frame, is a great stocking filler or main present. Meraki prints do some of my favourites. I love their baby animal prints as well as their vegan specific prints too! They are all round £3.40 each which is a bargain!

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Need a funny gift? How about these adorable little pet avocados from Tin of Beans? They are so cute and funny all at the same time and a truly unique niche gift! They even have mini baked bean pets too!

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Something I also have been loving this Christmas which may seem an odd thing to buy someone (however something I would have appreciated) is a Room spray.  Aromatheraphy blends from Absolute Aromas have some great ones! They have one called Noel, which just makes my house smell like I have been baking delicious Christmas  Goodness all day and night! Yes Please!


Obviously another great stocking filler is Chocolate… and Chocolate can be and is vegan if you buy it from the right place, it doesnt always have to be Dark either. Check out my Chocolate Guide for Vegans HERE to, to check out some amazing chocolate gift ideas too! Also if you are after main presents be sure to view my Vegan Present Guide to Christmas too!

I hope you enjoyed my stocking fillers guide and it’s given you a little inspiration this festive season.

Much Love


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