A Vegan Guide To Christmas Gifting

A Vegan Guide To Christmas Gifting

Do you have a friend or family member who is Vegan? You find them hard to buy for? Impossible even?… well I’m here to help! Perhaps your cruelty free and vegan yourself and want a little splurge or to let family know what on your wish-list this festive season! I have put together a little guide of some of my favourite items available this season from Fashion to Household. Let me know if anything catches your eye!

So we all love Chocolate right? There are so many amazing chocolate brands available that cater for Vegans so I have done a whole separate guide on some of my favourite chocolate brands, so be sure to check that out HERE!

So firstly I wanted to show you a few of my favourite fashion pieces that would make amazing presents! Firstly shoes…. I love a good boot, and as you know one of my favourite Vegan shoe brands is Wills London, they have the most beautiful shoes and boots in stock. I have recently been addicted to the Desset Boots in Grey they are so beautiful and would make an amazing main present if you are looking to splurge on a loved one. Their Knee lengths boots are also amazing for this awful weather we are having this season!


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Another brand I have been loving is Komodo, imparticular their socks… they are so warm and comfortable and stylish to. I love how unisex a lot of Komodo’s clothing is at the moment. I actually also love one of their mens scarfs and have been wearing that one daily too!!


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Another item I think would make a fun yet practical gift is this super Kool Plant Eater top from Paper Cut London, it is funny and comfy! I wear this all the time, its particularly great for wearing to bed and working out in if your not an activist type!

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How about Beauty? Toliletries, skincare and makeup? I always found this a hard one, I get gifted so many random bath products each year as it is always the easy go to thing to buy someone, however if it isn’t cruelty free AND vegan I won’t be using it. I find people find this hard to comprehend and to find for that matter. So heres a selection of Beauty products I would recommend this Christmas.

If you want a luxurious present for someone how about this beautiful Almond Hand Cream set from Shay and Blue London? (P.s They also have the most amazing collection of Vegan perfumes too!) They are wonderfully soft, smell heavenly and look amazing, a real treat for someone special!


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Another brand I have been loving is Pure Epiphany. Imparticular their Citurs Body Scrub smells heavenly! Their Green Leaf soap is also amazing, it lathers beautiful and smells wonderful!


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MOA is a brand that I have used for a few years now and absolutely loved, I fell for they Green Bath Potion last year as it is the most amazing addition to your bath when you have the cold or flu, also child friendly too due to it’s natural ingredients. Recently I have also been trying their Facial Oil which works wonderfully, and their energising body oil. I have been using this after showers and it leaves you with the smoothest skin! If you are looking to gift then these will all make amazing individual gifts however their Daily Cleansing Ritual gift set would make the most wonderful Christmas Present, to help scrub away that dirt and grime from too many Christmas and New Year Parties!


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Fair Squared are another amazing cruelty free and vegan brand, they have high standard ethics and some wonderful products.  I reckon their Christmas Gift Set is an amazing gift for those eco and ethically minded amongst us and is a great way to try some of their different products!


Ere Perez is another brand that I have been using for the past few years that have some amazing cruelty free and vegan products. One of their newest is the Australian Blue Cypress Face Nectar, meant to help improve skin elasticity and promote healthy younger looking skin this is a perfect gift for any Ere Perez fan!


Now a bit of Makeup.. everyone loves Makeup. One of my favourite Makeup gift sets I have found this Christmas is the Fresh Face Kit from Dusty Girls, It Includes a Lip Gloss, A Foundation Cream, A brush and a Blusher (my favourite daily blusher Pink Ladies!)… I would use everything in this kit on a daily basis. The brand is great and it is all Vegan and Cruelty Free! All their individual items would make amazing gifts too, however if you are looking for a  gift set then the Fresh Face Kit is a real good plump!


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Also… the perfect holiday nail varnish, perfect for not only Christmas Parties and Christmas Day but also the whole festive period. Holly, from Maggie Anne. All cruelty free vegan nail polishes. The formulations are amazing and they last a really long time. They are my go to polish brands and should be yours too! Holly is their newest addition to the family and is an amazing glimmer glitter emerald green!


Now onto a few Homeware pieces… It always amazes me when people can’t buy for vegans.. because well… Homeware is an easy and obvious choice isn’t it?? Anyway, here are some Homeware choices I think I would appreciate as a Vegan and Cruelty-free activist!

Firstly Prints… I love a good print in a nice frame and think they make amazing gifts. I was recently gifted some from Meraki Prints, and they are so beautiful. I have a few different Vegan ones and they look amazing with most decor, they are subtle yet stylish. Have a Fruit lover in the family, how about the Pineapple print? I also absolutely love all their baby animal prints, we have the bunny (we all know my daughter is bunny obsessed so that went down a storm), the panda (which I was obsessed with as a child!) and the cheetah. They would make beautiful presents for adults, children and also for baby nursery’s too!


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Candles are something to be a little careful of if buying for a vegan friend, often something I don’t think people think about, they are more often than not, not vegan. So be sure to look out for soy wax candles instead. A great brand for them is Suski Scents, Their French Vanilla scent is one of my favourites! They also have amazing tea lights and their Pine Forest Candle smells like Christmas for sure!

**(P.S 10% off sale on Suski Scents Etsy Shop NOW until 12th Dec!)**


Another Candle Brand called Vegan Bunny Co have an amazing Christmas Pudding candle, it smells just like Christmas Pudding, a real strong Christmas scent and it is also red and sparkly, perfect for this season. They also have lots of other more subtle scents such as their rose blossom candle, all of which would make lovely pressies!


One of my favourite brands of candle that I have been using for a few years now is M and J London, as you know I had one of theirs previously and fell in love with it, it smelt amazing, they have amazing ethics and the candle lasted forever! They are a little more pricey however this is reflected in the quality (and donates a little profit to charity too!), so if you are looking to treat someone this Christmas to a beautiful candle be sure to check them out, their Celtic Fire imparticular is a great Winter Scent!


Another obvious solution could be a calendar? It’s something most people use, I know I do… I like a written homely copy of my plans, one I have been loving the look of is the Doggie Calendar from Ink Bison- Gina Andrews. She does the most amazing illustrations, and I love to support smaller businesses! Her dog calendar is absolutely stunning and would be an amazing gift for a dog or animal lover. She also has stunning coasters, I have the hedgehog one which is now pride of place in our living room. Her small notebooks are also great for jotting, perhaps for an eco friendly student or child.. or someone who works from home and jots a lot!

She even does little hair clips which I love soooo much. We have the little Bee ones and my daughter has the most crazy hair so these are so perfect for her. They are bright and fun and would make a wonderful gift for a little lady!

Gina also has some great pins, if you are looking more for a Vegan Specific present her vegan pin badge would fit the bill!

**(P.S… for 15% off Ink Bison use code EMMABLOGSXMAS, useable NOW until 15th Dec)**


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Speaking of pins, Pinhead is another great pin brand. They are all the rage at the moment arent they! She has some great Fantastic Mr Fox style pin badges that any animal lover would fall for!


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Need Cards this year, how about the humorous ones from JungBluth Illustrates. She has some funny cards (note some have rude words). I love her vegan Mince Pie Card especially for this time of year, however she also has other funny non vegan related cards and also some Vegetarian and Vegan friendly ones too! Here illustrations are unique and quirky and would make lovely gifts, I love the Pigeon Illustration the most!


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Fancy a Beverage or two this festive season? There are so many amazing Vegan Beers and Spirits available. Check out Barnivore if you aren’t sure on a particular type of alcohol. One I have previously tried which is delicious though is the light and dark Celia Lagers. All organic and vegan friendly. These would make a great Christmas gift for those who like a little tinkle at Christmas time!


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Not a big drinker? How about Tea? Fruit and Green tea are an amazing idea for gifting this year.. any form of tea that can be drank black or with dairy free milk is always a hit in my house. I have recently tried a variety from We are Tea and have to say they are all delicious. They are a wonderful ethical award winning brand with both loose leaf tea and teabags available! Some of my personal favourites are the Super Berry and the Ceylon with Vanilla!


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Another great tea option is Newby Tea. They have the most amazing array of teas and flavours available from Tea Bags to Loose Leaf tea. They even have a tea advent calendar which looks amazing!

I was kindly recently gifted some of their loose leaf teas to try and I have to say they were delicious and a great gift idea. How about if you have a friend who loves tea, making up a little hamper of lots of different flavours to try?!

The ones I have been trying are the heritage collection, their boxes are stunning and they all smell heavenly! The three I have tried are the Green Sencha , Jasmine Blossom , and the Oriental Sencha.  I can vouch that they are lovely! You can also buy them as a trio here.


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There are so many options available to buy that people seem to overlook some of the most obvious solutions! Having a vegan friend or family member is easier than you think, you just need to think outside the box that little tiny bit! I hope this guide has helped you to think a little more about suitable yet still easily available options that are Cruelty Free, vegan, Eco and Ethical. It’s always amazing to give a little back at Christmas and make a sustainable choice!

Much Love



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