A Very Chocolaty Vegan Christmas!!

A Very Chocolaty Vegan Christmas!!

Christmas and Chocolate go hand in hand like peas and carrots and hats and scarfs right? When first going vegan finding chocolate brands to love was hard, especially finding diversity, we all know we can pop in a shop and buy a bar of dark chocolate and it will be vegan, however I am sure you as a Vegan or your vegan friends have many a person who buy them a bog standard bar of dark chocolate for Christmas because you or they have no idea where else to look!

In this guide I am going to tell you all about some of my favourite (Cruelty free and Vegan Friendly) Chocolate brands. Whether you are vegan yourself and a chocoholic like me, whether you have vegan visitors this Christmas or you are looking to buy someone special a choclaty present, this guide will tell you some amazing companies you can buy for this Christmas for those conscious eaters amongst us.

The first has to be one of my favourites and that is Pacari of course! You will have seen them mentioned in many a recipe video and many a review as their chocolates are luxurious and delicious. They come in a whole host of amazing flavours too! I have selected a few that I think would be perfect for this Christmas.


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The first being their mini chocolates, these are just £1.00 each and can be used as stocking fillers or maybe to make a nice little hamper? This is a great way to try loads of their flavours so you can figure out which is your favourite. If you really want to treat your loved one (or yourself 😉 how about their Andean Flavours Gift Set! It has four of their full sized bars inside and would make the most wonderful gift. Plain chocolate lover or baker? Why not gift Pacari plain 85% Cacao bars? I have used these in many recipes to flavour, bake with and decorate with and they make the most amazing addition to many sweet treats!

Another brand I have tried recently which were new to me were Bonieri… they have the most amazing triple layered Gianduja Pralines (do not ask me how on earth you pronounce that! Haha) They are the most smooth creamy melt in the mouth chocolates I have had in a long time. They are luxurious and beautifully wrapped and presented. They would make a wonderful gift  just as they are with no hassle needed! If you are a truffle fan I would certainly suggest trying them out!


Moo Free are another well known vegan friendly chocolate brand, they have lots of delicious looking Christmas goodies available this year. I particularly love moo free as they are child friendly and exciting for little hands. They have their annual Advent calendar which has 24 days of small delicious vegan chocolates! Your little ones wont even realise they are milk free! Also their selection box which includes a chocolate santa, snowman, chocolate buttons and two of their flavoured bars! You can also buy the Chocolate santa and Chocolate snowman seperatly (a great idea for mini sweet stocking fillers!)


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Another brand I have tried lately which I have loved are Chocally. I love how handmade and beautiful these chocolates are. They scream all things crafty and that reminds me of comfy Christmas days. The flavours are also to die for and again they look and are presented beautfiully for the Christmas period. Their Vegan Christmas puddings have to be the cutest chocolates I have ever seen and they taste exactly like Christmas Pudding… Magic, but I also love their Vegan Gingerbread Men and the Vegan Cinnamon and Cranberry Christmas trees! They are cute and flavourful! Another great stocking filler idea is their Holly Leaves crackers, these are marzipan flavoured and oh my, they are literally Christmas flavoured!


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Ombar are another great Vegan chocolate brand and are even Raw Vegan infact. As many of you know lately I have been introducing more and more Raw Vegan recipes onto my blog and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. If I can eat my weight in raw chocolate then I would… it is delicious. Ombar have an amazing array of types of chocolate, from dark to creamy, from plain to flavoured. If you love baking raw recipes like me then their Plain 72% cacao bars are an amazing addition to recipes and for decorating with. However if you love a hint of flavour why not try their flavoured bars, I’ve recently tried the Madarin and the Blueberry and Acai and I can tell you they are delicious. One of my favourite little bars from them though is the Raspberry and Coconut Ombar Centres! Oh my these are like sweet creamy Raw Vegan versions of Kinders! They have a smooth melt in the mouth chocolate with a sweet flavoured centre… the coconut and Vanilla one is heavenly too! I would certainly recommend checking out all the flavours avaliable on their website because these are literally heavenly. They too would make great main present or the mini versions for stocking fillers!


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Looking to splash out for you loved one and buy them something luxurious and delicious? How about Hotel Chocolat Vegan friendly products, they have an array of dark chocolate goodies that are all suitable for vegans, including their Dark Chocolate Yule Log, Dark Chocolate Jolly Santa and their Dark Chocolate Snow Flakes. They also have the Dark version of their best selling advent calendar! Perfect for those who aren’t quite grown up enough to not want daily chocolates through December! Does anyone actually grow out of advent calendars? Haha


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So Free (Plamil) are another great dairy free Chocolate brand. I love how child friendly these ones are also, so perhaps if you have a child who is Vegan or has dairy intolerance these are amazing! I was kindly gifted some of their products to try and they went down a big hit! My daughter is so excited to try the So Free Advent Calendar and she and her brother have already dug into the penguin Chocolate Buttons and Chocolate Snowmen! Whoops… It’s clear they were a winner for us!


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So… there is one bar I haven’t mentioned yet that I think may potentially be my favourite I have had (since becoming vegan) and that is the IChoc White nougat Crisp. I’m not kidding guys this is white chocolaty hazelnut goodness, it taste like kinder buenos, it melts in the mouth with a little crunch. It is literally heaven in a chocolate bar. So much so that I ate it all in one go and I’m not even sorry about it haha! But.. they do have other, many actually, flavours. A few of my favourites are the White Vanilla and Chocolate Cookie… yes vegan cookie chocolate. Its insane. They also have some yummy Expedition versions of their chocolates, these take away the sweet flavour and milk alternatives for a more natural refined deep chocolate taste and instead use almond nougat, tiger nut and coconut blossom sugar to sweeten. They come in two varieties currently Jungle Bites and Sunny Almond (Which is my favourite ;).


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Another last minute addition to the Chocolate Gift Guide is Montezumas! They have a really lovely array of chocolate and flavours available for Vegans, Just Search their Vegan Gifts section or type Vegan in the Search bar and you can see all the amazing ones they offer! Some I have recently tried are the Chuncky Chocolate Snowmen, with truffle centres… umm… yes please! These are seriously delicious! They also of an amazing Organic Truffle gift set which is in the most beautiful presentation box and would make a really lovely gift for a chocolate lover.

Do you have a baker in the family, or a lover of dark rich chocolate? They have some beautiful 100% cacao bars such as their Absolute Black bar,  their absolute black with orange and cacao nibs, and their absolute black with almonds!

Some of their other Vegan friendly individual bars include Lordy Lord, which is dark chocolate with cacao nibs and anyone who loves a hint of spice, they have a delicious Spice it up bar with Dark Chocolate and Dragon Ginger!

And last but not least I think my favourite were the 58% Cacao Dark Chocolate Buttons. Theres were moresish, a hint of bitter and rich chocolate but still sweet enough to eat far to many! Haha

If its hot chocolate your after this season I have you covered…. The way I make hot choclate most is simply using Raw cacao powder, for a dark bitter chocolate add cacao and hot water, for a creamier milkier texture, heat Almond (or any other) milk and add a few tablespoons of cacao, if you are a sweet person of course sweeten this with whatever sweeter you prefer! It is simple, easy.. and (somewhat) healthy! haha.

Many of the brands above do delicious cacao powder but here are some of my favourites for Hot Chocolate Making and Baking;

Pacari Cacao

Elements for Life

Choc Chick (Also if you like a orange twist try out their mandarin flavour cacao mix!)

I hope this guide gives you some amazing ideas and has enlightened you to some fabulous Vegan friendly chocolate brands so you or your loved ones can indulge a little this Christmas… or a lot… if you are like me!

I have a little giveaway currently running to win some bags of the CHOC CHICK  BLISSFUL BLENDS MANDARIN CACAO POWDER, perfect for hot chocolates and baking, to use yourself or gift this Christmas! To be in for a chance of winning head over too my Competition page for more details!


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The Giveaway will be running from 7pm Sun 26th November to 7pm Sun 3rd December 2017.

The winner will receive 3 full size packs of Choc Chick Mandarin Cacao Powder.

Prize will be sent within 2 days of address confirmation.

Good Luck!


Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Period and be sure to head back and check out my Christmas themed recipes soon!


Much Love



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