Protein Banana Chocolate Smoothie Bowl ft. VITL

Protein Banana Chocolate Smoothie Bowl ft. VITL

The messiest breakfasts are always the best right? One of my go too post workout breakfasts is a protein packed smoothie or smoothie bowl! So I figured I would share one of my daily smoothie bowls with you! I am a chocoholic so it will be no surprise to you that it is Cacao based! If you would like to watch it in Video Format check out my mini tutorial over on my Youtube channel!


You Will Need

2/3 Banana

1 Cup Dairy Free Milk

1 Sachet of Protein Powder (I used VITL)

2 TBSP Cacao Powder

Toppings (Optional and changeable of course) I used;

Chia Seeds

Ground Walnuts

Ground Cashews

Elements for Life Raw Brownie

Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup

Pacari Cacao Nibs


What you do

Step 1; Blend together your bananas, dairy free milk and protein powder along with the cacao.

Step 2; Once thick and creamy… drink it! Or pour into a bowl.

Step 3; Add any mixture or variety of toppings you want!

Step 4; Instagram the heck out of it 😉

Believe me this blend of natural plant based ingredients is absolutely delicious. It is fully changeable and adaptable to your dietary requirements and needs and is the perfect base of any protein smoothie or smoothie bowl. Your welcome 😉

Let me know if you’ve tried it and how you got on!!


A bit more about VITL Protein;

The reason I made this particular smoothie bowl this week was due to being kindly gifted some protein sachets from the brand VITL. I have tried them for several days and they were so good I figured I had to show you guys.

The VITL Chocolate Superblend is not only delicious but also packs a punch, it has a huge 17g of protein in just one sachet!

The satchets are of course Vegan and Cruelty free, they use hemp and Pea Protein making them fully dairy free. Amazing! They are also blended with vital Vitamins and Minerals to help maintain a healthy metabolism. They include Vitamin C, D3, E, B6 and B12 (always a great addition to any vegan diet!).

These can be added to smoothies, smoothie bowls and bakes like I have created above, but as the powder is fairly sweet it works really well with either just water or any kind of dairy free milk you prefer if you like a creamier texture!

I hope you enjoyed guys and be sure to stay tuned for more delicious recipes!


Much Love



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