My Boy is going to be 7???

My Boy is going to be 7???

So… It’s Tyler’s Birthday soon… I say soon… It’s after Christmas and I am so stacked up with Work, moving house at the End of November and just general Chrsitmasness that I am pre planning his birthday now. He decided many months ago he wants a treasure hunt for his birthday, pirate style!

Apparently I am the master of hiding chocolate (we have easter and halloween hunts each year in the Marsden household, firm favourite and much more fun than. trick or treating, on a side note… I hate trick or treating.. why do we encourage our kids to not talk to strangers and then make them knock on their doors… defeats me!)

So anyway, rambling as always, Personalised parties kindly contacted me regarding their amazing personalised party packs and as soon as I saw they had a pirate themed pack, I was sold! They also have a massive array of other themes such as Unicorn, Princess, Superhero, Science, Space, Dinosaurs, Jungle, Farm and more! There is something to suit most themes of party!

IMG_1743_FotorThe pack is £34.99 which I think is a bargain for all that is included (56 pieces!), even buying from a cheaper shop it would cost more than this (unpersonalised!). You can have a little look here!

The pack can also be personalised with any name, phrase or saying up to 21 Characters long. When this arrived on our doorstep Tyler was literally the most excited little boy in the world. For whatever reason having something with your name on that is solely yours  is ever so exciting for a little 6 year old brain. He was loving it and bragging to his sister that he could have a pirate party. He did *(after a nudge)*… invite his sister!

IMG_1748_FotorSo the set we have includes 8 personalised pirate plates, 8 pirate cups, 8 personalised pirate boxes, 8 black pirate hats, 8 Pirate Party Masks, and 16 Food Flags!

(Includes elastic for hats and masks and cocktail sticks for the food flags)

It has dress up, practical things like plates and cups, goody bags and decorations. Its the perfect little stash for our pirate themed party!

They also do an array of other pirate themed items such as place settings, wrapping paper and invites! I am tempted to get some of the invites as well!

So the plan is to write a long tricky treasure hunt with maps and clues from our home, to the woods, to the beach and then back home (or perhaps even a pirate picnic at the beach if it isn’t too cold!).

IMG_1746_FotorThis pack I can see being so handy, the lunch/ food boxes would be really handy for pre-packing lunches if you were out on the go, or giving out at the end of the party as goody bags!

The dress up items are always a hit with little hands too!


Tyler absolutely loves this and is so excited for his party soon! I will be sure to upload a little blog on how the day pans out when it happens!

On a side note….How on earth is my little man turning 7???


Much Love



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