Are Baby Showers An American Thing?

Are Baby Showers An American Thing?

Baby Showers, are they an American Thing? It seems ever more popular these days to have baby showers in the UK. Not having ever had one myself with my two I figured I would throw a surprise do for my best very Pregnant friend.

Kayleigh is one of those people growing up that was a always the mum of the group, the person who looked after everyone else, who we all went to for advice and also the person who always gave the best hugs!

I figured its about time we all did something just for her to celebrate how amazing she is and also the little man in her belly growing away.

I had arranged a local hall… it was far to big for the whole 10 people that came however we took a little nook of the room and decorated it away to our hearts content, we brought lots of tea coffee and cake, and played silly games… some of the games being things such as Pass the poo and Match the Socks.. also Pin the Sperm on the Egg, which was a favourite of mine just for lols!

We were kindly gifted some amazing products to decorate the room with that I couldn’t not share with you. They all looked amazing and made even the drabbest of rooms look special!

I have a little Baby Shower Haul Video over on Youtube If you fancy a look!

A wonderful company called Jolly Good Party sent us an array of goodies from their Hello World Range, which fit perfectly with our scheme. I was going for a mint green/pastel, whites theme as I hate the gender assumed Pink and Blue vibes!

Some of the table wear was beautiful, we had the Hello World Cups, and Hello World Plates, as well as the Hello world napkins for cleaning up the messes of cake we made!

I also bought some lovely rose gold plates from home bargains in case people wanted seconds which fitted the theme wonderfully!  We also had the most beautiful mint pastel green table cloth which is massive and covered two table alone easily. A great price for the size and made our old school hall tables look somewhat snazzy!

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Some room decorations we plumped for was this stunning small Honeycomb garland in white, which I think would suit not only baby shower, but any occasion, weddings, birthdays and now its just sat hanging in my bedroom looking pretty too! The hello world balloon was also a great fit with the colour theme and a Stand out piece and the Hello world balloons went down a storm with the little feet at the party!

They also kindly gifted us the Hello world Sash for the mum to be herself which she actually wore all day and out to dinner. She was very pleased with it as it was beautiful.. not tacky…. Which is exactly what I was going for.

Another wonderful company to consider when throwing a party is the awesome Talking Tables. They have literally everything you could think of and more! They have sent me some of the cutest items for the baby shower including decorations such as a Unicorn Piñata… I could not bring my self to destroy my little unicorn friend! As well as stunning Daisy paper pom poms, these were pretty difficult to put together but as a team effort we eventually got there haha, I am not as creative as I perhaps first thought! These were stunning and come in sets of three in various sizes and they looked lovely dotted around the room!

We were also kindly gifted a Best Day Ever Sign, which I think would be best sat at a wedding reception or birthday perhaps but it still fit in nicely with the theming!

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We had the most beautiful delicate table lights also which were a great hit, they looked so stunning and made the tables look great. They are battery powered and again and now in my room looking amazing each evening. Can’t beat the fairy lights can you!

We also had lots of practical little bits like Mint Striped Straws which matched the Hello World theming perfectly and some lovely gift bags and sweet bags which we used to send people home with cake (also comes with stickers which is handy!). We also had some great Milk bottles. At first I didn’t know what to do with these but in the end I used them to put all the straws in and as decoration and now the party is over I’m actually going to fill them with sweets and gift them at Christmas! We also had some lovely sweet bar sets, these came with scoops, signs and labels so you can create your very own sweet cart, I didn’t really go for sweets at the party, there was plenty of sugar in the cakes! However I did end up using the stickers as labels to label what cake was what and also used the scoops in the fruit, strawberries and grapes and pineapples to be precise!

I have loved throwing this party and seeing the smiles on my friends faces. It was so lovely to have everyone together again under one roof (although the mum to be almost didn’t turn up as she ended up in A and E, thank goodness all was well and went to plan, that would have been my luck wouldn’t it!)

I was surprised how easy it can be online shopping for party decorations. Jolly good party and Talking tables are fabulous shops in which you can literally purchase everything you can think off (and quite a lot you didn’t) for any theme of party you could imagine. I would certainly recommend them and be using them again! Perhaps for one of the little ones birthdays next!

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