Licquorice Shower Gel??? ft… Organii

Licquorice Shower Gel??? ft… Organii

Organii is a brand I had not actually heard of so I am glad I have! They are Cruelty Free and have loads of great Vegan options. They have skincare from Shower Gels, Soaps, Sun protection, mouthwash and even plasters.

I was recently Kindly gifted some of their products to try out;

Liquorice Shower Gel

So when you think of Licorice I think I hate it.. You know like marmite.. you either love it or hate it right? I think liquorice is one of those tastes and scents, you know like marmite, grass, bonfire, petrol.. you know the ones!

This one claims to stimulating and refreshing and I must say it is just that. The smell certainly wakes you up and leaves a tingle feeling to the skin. I am not the biggest fan of the smell however it does remind me of old 2p sweet shops as a child and those can never be bad memories!

IMG_1715_FotorI love the packaging on these shower gels. It is colourful yet subtle and they come in almost a milk bottle shape. The lid is easy to open and a good amount comes out easily. The formula is fairly thick and lathers nicely. A little goes a really long way with these so they are a great price for the size of the bottle. (300ml)

Argan Shower Gel

Again the repackaging is lovely, easy to use and doesn’t look too out of place in your bathroom. This one I love the smell of.. I dont know why but the scent of Argan reminds me of desserts.. like a syrup.. the colour too for that matter. It smells heavenly. Again this one lathers nicely and you only need a very small amount to wash your whole body.

IMG_1714_FotorThis one is Nourishing and nuturing which is expected Because that is one of the many benefits of using Argan products. I often use Argan on my hair and scalp to help nourish and protect it so I am enjoying using this for my skin also. These can also be used not only on skin but as shampoo for the hair, making them a great travel and one stop product!

Almond Cream Soap 

Almond… almond… almond. Smells a dream doesn’t it! This is a lovely creamy bar of soap (vegan of course) it has the most amazing almond scent. It is lovely to look at, a nice off white cream with the logo imprinted, sweet and simple. It includes organic Shea butter which is amazing for moisturising the skin as well as the lovely almond which leaves the most delightful scent. It has 99.9% natural ingredients of which 82.6% are organic, pretty good really!

All of Organii’s products are also EcoCert Certified which is always great to hear. I have really enjoyed using these products and will be continuing to use them over the next few months! They are now part of my daily routine!


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