A Bunny Obsession…. Ft. Hugzzies

A Bunny Obsession…. Ft. Hugzzies

When I was approached by the brand Hugzzies to review their products I shouted a big yes please!

When I saw they had a bunny version of their amazing wheat bag teddies I had to have a go with it for Leah. Those of you who don’t know Leah.. She is bunny obsessed. Bunny bedding, bunny comforters, bunny teddies, bunny clothing, it’s all about the bunnies.

IMG_1718_FotorHugzzies are similar to a bun bag, inside they have a wheat bag that can be warmed quickly in the microwave and can be used as a safe hot water bottle for your little ones. Whether they are ill, or cold.. or just bloody love bunnies!

They supply your little man or lady with a warm hug whether you are home or away.

I have to be honest.. Leah just likes to wear this as an accessory right now… either carrying it like a handbag or literally wearing it (cold) over her coat on the school run. Poor Betty bunny has seen the neighbour-hood and met many old biddies along the way, even viewed some houses with us and got stuck in the Cornish rain.

IMG_1696_FotorBetty is now a good friend to our Leah and I would certainly purchase one again!

It has a simple to use easy velcro waistband and is a good size so would fit a good sized child! The wheatbag is also removable so it can be used as a bun bag or carry bag instead, or used with the wheat bag for a nice warm snuggle. It is great for relieving pain and making your little person feel that little bit better, and keep them toasty this winter.

IMG_1717_FotorIf you know me you will also know growing up I had not a bunny obsession but a Panda bear one! So I am more than pleased to see that Betty Bunny, also comes in a Pauley Panda variety. They also stock a Monkey, a cat and a dog for your preference!

I have to say this is one big hit in our house. It would make a lovely unique present this Christmas! I am actually tempted to get my older son one too… he’s like me and is just always cold.. I think he would love one!

Much Love


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