Do you wash your Vegetables? ft. Veggi Wash

Do you wash your Vegetables? ft. Veggi Wash

Fruit and Vegetable wash. You heard me. Something none of us probably think about right?

Fruit and Vegetables are not only sprayed with pesticides but also come into contact with many hands on their route to your plate as well as bugs and critters that I don’t even want to think about. Using water alone may well clean your fruit and vegetables but won’t always get rid of those harmful pesticides. Veggi Wash claims to irradicate Pesticides, Surface bacteria, argricultural contaminants, soil and wax from our food.

Veggi wash is made in the UK and is a cruelty free and vegan product. Yes Please! It is derived from just natural ingredients making it safe to use on food and is eco and ethically sourced and made making it not only good for us but the environment to. It includes coconut oil, grape and corn extracts! Using this not only cleans your veggies properly, it even helps extend their shelf life! There is nothing more annoying than buying lots of fruit and vegetables and them going off before you have even had the chance to eat them Is there? The fact that this not only cleans them but can also help them last longer is a no brainer to me.

IMG_1684_FotorTo use all you need to do is spray the fruit and leave it for a few minutes, and then simply rub with your hands and rinse off. Simple as pie!

I was recently kindly gifted a bottle of Veggi Wash to try. As someone who eats a mainly raw diet (at least two meals a day raw and snacks) it is important to me that my food is prepared properly. I have a real love of fruit and often find them not unlike vegetables to be dirty. Washing alone does not always clean your food and if you are a fruit and veg lover like me you will know where I am coming from. I love this product. It works really well at removing dirt and grime from my fruit and leaves them sparkle clean. It rinses off and has no taste and I have even noticed an improvement with my fruit lasting longer. Now as soon as I have new fruit in, I wash it straight off the bat and refrigerate it and it seems to last days longer than it ever has before. I would certainly give this a go if you are in the market for a product to help clean your fruits and vegetables. It really does work!

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