A Beach Day Ft Farah Jeans

A Beach Day Ft Farah Jeans

I was recently kindly gifted some lovely children clothing from the brand Farah Jeans. They are traditionally a mens wear brand however have recently branched out into children’s wear, called Farah Junior. When I was asked to try out their clothing how could I say no? They follow ethical guidelines and have the most wonderful pieces. They are I would say a luxury brand and have a price point to match. Although not too expensive they also are not highstreet.

22048053_10154939005695866_1415752894949479050_oYou can see the full collection over on Whizz Kid. Have a snoop and see if anything catches your eye! We were kindly gifted a lovely T-shirt and coat from them. The Crew T-shirts is White with blue sleeves and a red F Farah logo on the front. It works perfectly with the setting we have here in Cornwall. Honestly blues and navy’s are my favourite colours to dress my little man in. He is fair, with freckles and strawberry blonde hair. We wore this recently on a little adventure to the beach and harbour! It is very soft and Jas a slight stretch. It seems a really good quality t-shirt. The only thing I would say is that it comes up small on the sizing. My son is age 6, 7 in January… and he has the size 8-9 T-shirt and it fits him perfectly. All his other clothing is currently size 7, as he is on the tall side for his age, however not quite at size 8 yet. So I would certainly size up on Farah clothing personally.

21992973_10154939011595866_9033555639401284025_oWe were also kindly gifted the Windcheater in Navy. This is a lovely coat. Thick enough to keep you warm however still thin enough to wear as a waterproof Mac. It has a nice feel to it. It is not too plastic feeling but fairly soft. It again has the navy blue outer with a nice lighter blue inside and the red Farah emblem on the front. It zips up and has pockets and also a small inside pocket too. Again we have this one is a size 8-9 and it literally fits him perfectly so certainly size this one up, especially if it is for winter and you are wanting to have a jumper underneath. This is going to be our go to coat this winter. It’s warm, waterproof (essential here in Cornwall) and is also super stylish. He is now the smartest kid on the block 😉

22042272_10154939006830866_5441373673390433455_oI think both the styles we have above have sold out at WhizzKids as they are so popular but I have managed to find the coat here if you are interested, and also the Crew T-shirt Here.  If not take a look at the Whizz Kid site for the whole range! I did find Farah Junior hard to find online and I am unsure why you cannot buy direct from their main website or a sister page, I have asked the company this so will update when I find out is thats coming soon!  I would certainly recommend Farah as a brand as the clothing seem to be amazing quality, stylish and well priced. I will be buying from them in future. The designs are right up my street!


Much Love

Emma  (& Tyler!)


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