Strawberry & Banana Cheesecake

Strawberry & Banana Cheesecake

Today I am bringing you a classic, Banana and Strawberry Cheesecake. When going vegan.. and eating more raw based meals bananas were always the thing people told me to go to! Make banana puddings, banana nice cream etc etc… and to be quite frank I was never a fan. This is one of few banana based desserts I have made and loved.. and believe me I made a lot. I always find they go a funny colour too due to the bananas freeze or browning, which this one has done too however it still tastes fresh. So it is a winner. I am not even a fan of banana nice cream (awful vegan alert!) I do love bananas don’t get me wrong, I would just rather eat them as Monkey intended… straight from the skin! Although did you know we have been opening bananas wrong for years? That we actually eat them upside down! Anyway.. I am rambling… here you have my one and probably only banana based pud until I man up and manage to come up with more recipes I like using these yellow skinned beauties! Hope you enjoy!

I have also made a video tutorial for this beauty, so go check that out HERE!

What You’ll Need


1 Cup Ground Walnuts

6 Dates (I used Medjool)

1/4 Cup of Shredded Coconut


1 1/2 Cups of Cashews

3 Bananas

2 TBSP of Coconut Sugar

1 cup Strawberries


1 cup strawberries

(Could also use more bananas, dried fruits, dates, berries, frozen berries or any other thing you like! Get creative!)


What You Do

Step 1; Firstly make the Base. To do this you need to process all the base ingredients in your food processor to create a crumble

Step 2; Pour this into your pan or pans of choice and then pat down hard with the back of your spoon to create a firm base for your cheesecake.

Step 3; Next add all the cheesecake ingredients into your food processor (after cleaning it out a little first perhaps), blend until smooth. Add water or dairy free milk if the mixture needs it. I find this is more of a sticky batter due to the bananas, a thicker consistency, however I personally quite like that. So make it to your own taste!

Step 4; Either mix in the straps not and pulse a little, or like me, pop the mix into the cake pan and then push the strawberries into he mixture, this way you have more whole strawberries in your mix rather than a blended mixture.

Step 5; Smooth out the top and decorate how you would like. I used all the left over strawberries. Al the ones my little daughter didn’t steal and eat anyway! Haha

Freeze the cheesecake for around 2 hours at least, and then take out half an hour to 1 hour before serving. It can be keep in the fridge or freezer.  This can be just set in the fridge for due to the bananas being fairly firm, however for longevity you can freeze it! This will go a more brown colour once frozen due to the bananas, however it still tastes amazing.. looks a little like porridge hehe.


I hope you enjoyed this recipe! Let me know if you have tried it out!

Much Love


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